Buyers to Battle Over 149 Coffees in Upcoming Cup of Excellence® Auctions

Portland, Oregon USA (May 28, 2014) –  149 Cup of Excellence® competition winning coffees will be fought over by buyers around the globe bidding in six distinct auctions from May 29th through July 9th. These coffees, representing the best of Central America and Mexico, were chosen by a select group of international cuppers who traveled to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico to evaluate the coffee as well as experience the country and culture.

Of these winning farmers, 14 received the coveted Presidential Award having scored over 90 points such a high score is very difficult to receive from a large group of diverse cuppers.

“These amazing farmers have once again surprised us with their innovative approach to producing fabulous coffees even as many of them have struggled with the devastating rust outbreak,” states Susie Spindler, Executive Director of Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Co-Founder of Cup of Excellence. Farmers anxiously await the auction results to discover where in the world their coffees will be enjoyed by appreciative consumers.

Below is a list of the upcoming live online auction dates.  Auctions open for bidding at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time (EST), check in your area based on this time.                       

Country Auction Date                   
Nicaragua        May 29
El Salvador      June 9 
Honduras        June 18
Costa Rica      June 24
Guatemala      July 2 
Mexico            July 9 

To bid in an auction please visit

About Alliance for Coffee Excellence & Cup of Excellence®

Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a US-based global membership organization formed of members ranging from all sectors of the coffee industry including roasters, retailers, importers, farmers, consultants, equipment manufacturers and individuals all dedicated to advancing excellence in coffee. Cup of Excellence, a program which gives out the most prestigious award in coffee, has affected several thousands of farmers as its unmatched focus on reward for quality and transparency to the farmer has changed the specialty coffee industry.

Sample sets from each country are available to preview before the auction as well as opportunities to attend group cuppings. For more information on how to get involved visit:

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