Open Mug Revolution

Many of you are already tuned in to the “Coffee DRM” issues that have been coming to light recently. For those of you who aren’t, the headline is that your freedom to drink the coffee you want is in danger of being usurped by technology called Digital Rights Management or DRM(

DRM is the technology that restricts things like printer ink, only allowing you to buy ink that is licensed by the printer manufacturer. This drives up the cost of printer ink and restricts your choice as a consumer to only the brands that the printer manufacturer chooses. The same technology is used to control your use of products like music, video games, and films. If you’re not careful with your buying choices, this same technology is about to plant itself right in the middle of your cup of coffee.

Recently Keurig announced news to employ DRM technology in their latest single serve coffee brewer (Keurig 2.0) to only allow brewing of their licensed brands. This means no more Marley Coffee®, no more Martinson, Brown Gold, Tim Hortons® single serve coffee, no more Higgins & Burke® teas, and many other well-known store brands. Instead of being able to choose the coffee or tea you love, you will only be allowed to brew the brands that can afford to license Keurig’s K-Cup® technology. 

This is a big deal to us at the RealCup™ brand. We also believe that it should be a big deal to you too. It should be a big deal that you are losing your choice of coffee. It’s a big deal because it’s needlessly restricting the current free market.

Mother Parkers knows that the coffee and tea in our RealCup™ capsules speak for themselves. We are coffee and tea drinkers ourselves and strongly believe that all users should be able to choose their favorite beverage, no matter what home brewing machine they own.

Join with us in celebrating the Open Mug revolution. We are all individuals. We know what coffee and tea we prefer and how we like to make it. No one would ever tell you that you’re not allowed to put cream or sugar in your coffee, why allow them to tell you what beans you use in your own home? Stay tuned for ways to tell Keurig to return to the free market and let your voice be heard. Twitter users – join the conversation using the hashtag #OpenMug.

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