LaRue Coffee & Roasterie Celebrates 42 Years

LaRue Coffee & Roasterie is excited to celebrate 42 years in business on May 20, 2014.

LaRue Distributing Inc., was founded in 1972 by Verlyn L’Heureux and was originally named Fountain Products of Nebraska. This consisted of freeze dried coffees, teas, and soups, while targeting business offices in the eastern half of Nebraska. Verlyn L’Heureux purchased the company’s inventory from its previous owner and began selling to new customers, along with servicing current customers, maintaining all bookkeeping, and other business operations from inside a garage. From there, Verlyn L’Heureux continued to sell and build up the areas of Nebraska, Iowa, and the northern portion of Colorado. He then began to hire personnel to help run the routes, service the equipment, and help with administrative duties.

In 1975, LaRue became incorporated and changed its name to LaRue Distributing, Inc. After entering the fresh roasted coffee business, LaRue introduced their own private label, “LaRue” branded coffee. LaRue quickly expanded into restaurants, convenience stores, and office coffee services. By the mid-1980’s, LaRue had grown into six states, while increasing their product line to more than 230 products, including non-carbonated beverages, cappuccino mixes, snacks, and paper supplies.

Terry Herr, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “Today, LaRue services over 10,000 clients and ships more than 1,850 products nationwide. We’re consistently providing our clients with high quality coffee blends roasted to the exact specifications to our clients and provide route delivery which covers over 7,500 miles each day in 12 states. Because of these superior capabilities, over 60 different coffee and vending companies trust us to roast and package their product using coffee beans purchased directly from mills and farms in 35 different countries.”

LaRue Coffee & Roasterie has a passion for providing excellent customer service and by offering so many quality products, they are ready to meet your specific business needs.

If you are interested in the services LaRue Coffee & Roasterie is able to provide for you and your business, please contact Terry Herr at (402) 333-9099.

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