Sampling Effort Allows New and Existing Customers to Taste the Difference Family Makes™

Baton Rouge, LA —Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated retail coffee brand in America, launched today its new K-Cup® pods. Through June 2015, Community Coffee Company will celebrate their new K-Cup® format with an online request sampling program for businesses, restaurants, and foodservice companies across the region.
A long-standing beloved brand of coffee service for restaurants and offices, Community Coffee Company plans to spread good coffee cheer at zero cost to participants. The company will offer K-Cups® bundles to new and existing customers. These free samples will include three best sellers: Breakfast Blend, Café Special® and Dark Roast, made only with 100% select Arabica coffee beans—the best quality beans available.
“We are excited to share the new Community® coffee K-Cups® pods with our existing customers and avid fans and invite new customers to give us a try,” says Scott Eckert, Vice President of Marketing, Community Coffee Company. “You’ll Taste the Difference Family MakesTM in our rich, smooth Community® family of products with a new format that complements our customers’ personal and business growth needs.”
Ensuring Fresh-Brewed Taste
Community Coffee Company’s focus on taste, quality, consumer research, customer service and growing their customers’ business is at the heart of their success. Currently, 21 percent of consumers select a restaurant based on its beverage selections with 71 percent purchasing fresh-brewed beverages like coffee. [1] The K-Cup® format ensures every order will be a fresh-brewed experience.
Additionally, coffee consumers are most loyal with 30 percent selecting restaurants that carry their brand of choice. Many of the finest restaurateurs across the nation find that they can grow their profit margins with the brand power of Community® coffee.
Sourced from the top 10% of coffee beans in the world, each of Community Coffee Company’s high-quality coffees has rich flavor, a delicate aroma and a smooth, satisfying finish. For more information, please visit or connect via Facebook and Twitter.
About Community Coffee Company
Now in its 95th year, Community Coffee Company is the largest family-owned and operated retail coffee brand in America, and four generations of the Saurage family have operated the company since its inception. Founded in 1919, Community Coffee Company is an importer, roaster and distributor of the highest-quality premium coffees and teas, using only 100% Arabica beans. For additional information, visit or find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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