Black is the new green with Vegware’s new low carbon cutlery

Vegware_concept_cutlery_VR-SPFKKN6.5_straight_1504Eco packaging firm Vegware has unveiled its new sophisticated black cutlery made from 100% recycled plant-based materials. The innovative RCPLA material withstands heat up to 85ºC, and boasts 90% less embodied carbon than plastic and 51% less than the PLA used in most compostable cutlery. It is certified compostable, meaning it can biodegrade in under 12 weeks.

Founder and Managing Director, Joe Frankel, explained the launch: “After two years’ R&D, last year we were the first to launch RCPLA cutlery made from this innovative recycled material. People love its glossy look and eco credentials, but we wanted to push things further and prove that eco packaging can respond to style trends. We aren’t aware of any other certified compostable black cutlery on the market, so we knew it would be popular. Demand has been amazing and initial batches are selling out.”

To celebrate the premium feel of the new range, Vegware have created a tongue-in-cheek film featuring some sleek visuals. Vegware’s filmmaker Mark Cox explained, “We wanted to recreate the futuristic premium feel of an expensive car or smartphone advert. It may just be cutlery, but we’re celebrating the amazing technology that goes into objects you might take for granted.”

Edinburgh-based Vegware has brought many innovations to the table, including compostable hot cups and lids, soup containers, and the gourmet range, the first compostable spill-proof window box. Going beyond packaging, Vegware’s Food Waste Network is a free service matchmaking any UK business with local food waste recycling.

In 2014, all Vegware clients saved 2,514 tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of cancelling out the carbon from over 4,000 flights from London to New York. With the popularity of this low carbon cutlery, Vegware expects even greater carbon savings in 2015 as part of its Eco Audits – updated daily on


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