The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc. debuts new vending program at NAMA One Show

Vera Pekker - NAMAThe Second Cup Coffee Company Inc. Debuts new vending program using fresh milk and freshly ground Rainforest Alliance Arabica beans
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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada, April 25, 2016 – Last week, Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., introduced their new self-service Barista To-Go premium coffee vending program at the NAMA One Show in Chicago. The Barista To-Go is one of the first coffee vending machines in North America to offer customers premium Espresso beverages created with fresh milk and freshly ground Rainforest Alliance espresso beans.
The Barista To-Go unit is powered by German engineering and painstakingly tested to ensure durability and consistency. The machine’s unique shape ensures an attractive 360-degree styling and makes it a desirable visual addition to any location with high foot traffic such as hotels, hospitals, college/university campuses, transportation hubs, gas stations, sports arenas, shopping malls and highway rest stops. Beverages crafted by the Barista To-Go include Lattes, Cappuccinos, Moccaccinos, Americanos, traditional Espresso and Second Cup’s globally acclaimed Hot Chocolate. “We are very excited to introduce the Barista To-Go program in North America; we believe it will revolutionize the way consumers feel about the experience of coffee beverages produced by vending machines, particularly their taste and quality. Based on the reactions at the NAMA One Show, it’s clear to see that Barista To-Go is catering to the trend of premium coffee beverage consumption for the on the go market and setting a new bar for the vending industry with its’ capabilities and unprecedented beautiful modern design,” said Yuri Spektor, Director of Vending at Second Cup Coffee Company Inc.
The Barista To-Go machine is capable of producing over 150 beverages per hour making it a high revenue opportunity with a fast return on investment potential as well as a perfect extension of the Second Cup brand globally. “Innovation and quality have always been two of the key guiding principles behind our brand with growth as our cornerstone,” stated Jim Ragas, President and CEO of Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., “We are extremely pleased with the Barista To-Go program which embodies our principles and extends the unique, sophisticated experience of our cafes to provide coffee lovers with freshly prepared premium beverages crafted on-the-go from the finest freshest ingredients, exactly the same as they enjoy in our cafes.”
Second Cup grew from its humble beginnings in 1975 in Toronto, Ontario, and has expanded globally to over 30 regions worldwide with over 160 cafes operating internationally. Second Cup is proud to offer only Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and in addition to our cafés, our product lines have also grown from simple whole bean coffee to premium coffees, Signature Master Crafted Teas, specialty beverages, all natural frozen yogurt, fresh cold pressed juices, delicious food and various merchandise items.
Founded in 1936, NAMA is the association representing the $25 billion U.S. vending and refreshment service industry. Industry professionals gather at the NAMA One Show to focus on advancing industry innovation, networking and building relationships as well as growing their businesses.
For more information about the Barista To-Go vending program, please contact Yuri Spektor, Director of Vending at The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc. by phone: +1.905.362.2339 or e-mail:
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