Barista & Farmer day 5


Barista & Farmer, day five

Discovering the baristas of the third edition
The Free Mandela team lead by Fabio Sidione, Lavazza regional trainer
San Paolo, may 8 – Day 5 of Barista & Farmer, the talent show dedicated to quality coffee created by Francesco Sanapo, and last one in the plantation of the O’Coffee farm in Pedregulho. Once the picking session was over, the baristas moved to the Barista & Farmer academy for a lesson with australian roaster Ben Toovey. “I held a class on roasting, equally split between theory and practice, showing the students different prophiles and degrees. I saved the last half an hour for a good session of questions and answers.” The morning ended with a cerimony: the international baristas planted their own personal coffee plant, a coffee testament to their brazilian experience. Lessons took place at the academy in the afternoon as well but the highlight of the day was the bye bye party organized by Edgard Bressani, CEO of O’Coffee Brazilian Estates, and his staff, that was animated by a groovy local band. It’s time to pack thing sup, the next stop is Lambari, to continue the Barista & Farmer adventure and to follow more closely the coffee ecosustainability project created by Lavazza, new partner of this edition.

The ten baristas have been divided in two teams, which will stay the same until the end of the game. Yesterday we introduced you the baristas of the Papaya Power team, here’s the Free Mandela team, lead by Fabio Sidione, regional trainer of Lavazza, which is composed by Miguel Fernandez (Spain), Evani Jesslyn (Indonesia), Guido Garavello (Italy), Daniel Rivera (Puerto Rico) e Rosey Hill (Australia).

Evani: “It’s a great experience and I’ve met many beautiful baristas that I can now call friends. The thing that I like the most is actully picking cherries, it made me think on the hardness of this work, that we often give for granted. I am a roaster and I have to say that the academy has been very helpful, in particular the lesson on the calibration of the cupping method.”

Miguel: “It’s a particular experience for me, because in the past I lived in Brazil for five years and I have many memories of this place. Brazil is the biggest coffee producer but hasn’t really developed that much on the specialty coffee area and I’m happy to be here and I think that O’Coffee and this show are helping a lot to bring visibility to this subject.”

Rozy: “It’s an experiece I could never have imagined. I didn’t know what to expect before coming here, and I had no idea it could have been so hard and serious. Today, planting my own plant has been a really good moment, unique. Thid adventure is teaching me to respect coffee, starting from the bean, not just the cup.

Daniel: “This experience, so far, has been educational, social, tiring and emotional. I was really amazed by Serafim, the agricultural manager of the farm: a person so simple, that thanked us from the bottom of his heart for our work in his rows. Marvelous. I am from Puerto Rico and so I can relate a lot to what I see here, after all I also come from a coffee producing country and so I know very well the hardness of the work in the fields.

Guido: “Each day is very intensive, between the picking in the plantation and the lessons at the academy. I appreciated a lot, in particular, the historical and botanical aspects of coffee, beside the fact that this farm has a research and develop area that works on mixing different varieties of coffee at its roots, without post process alterations. I think that the cup tasting that I did here will turn out to be particularly useful in my job and I also understood the hard work behind this product that, from now on, I will respect even more.

Barista & Farmer is a project by Francesco Sanapo, in collaboration with Rimini Fiera – SIGEP (Salone Internazionale Gelateria Pasticceria e Panificazione Artigianale), with the patronage of Scae (Speciality Coffe Association of Europe), in collaboration with O’Coffee. Thanks to: our main sponsors Lavazza, La Cimbali, Faema, Mumac Academy; our event sponsors Genovese Coffee, Caffè Corsini, Caffè Costadoro, Caffè Pascucci, Molino Quaglia, Caffè Trucillo; our supporters Puly Caff, Forno d’Asolo, Imperator. Golden media partners Barista Magazine, Bargiornale; media partners BeanScene, Global Coffee Report, European Coffee Trip, Crema, Espresso, Coffee Talk.

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