Coffee City USA Announces the Debut of Fun Time Loose-Leaf Tea Tins

Allyson Castillo - fun-time-54-mixed-assortmentCoffee City USA, America’s Coffee Roaster, has launched a new line of Fun Time Loose-leaf Tea in a classic silver tin. After a successful winter quarter, the company is keeping the ball rolling by bringing in the new product for coffee houses or stores to begin selling immediately.

Fun Time Loose-Leaf Tea is given a new stylish look for an old time favorite. Each tin holds 2.5oz of tea with the exception of Herbal Raspberry Hibiscus and Citrus Green. Tins are stackable, reusable and look great on a kitchen counter or a cabinet shelf. Choose from 9 popular flavors including Apricot Mango, Huckleberry Chai, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Raspberry Strawberry Delight, Tropical Passion, Watermelon Peach Mango, Citrus Green and Herbal Raspberry Hibiscus.

For more information about the Fun Time Tea Tins or any of our products, visit us at:

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