New Product Launch | Coffee Logs

bio-bean_coffee-logbio-bean is a UK based clean technology company that is the first in the world to industrialise the process of recycling coffee waste into advanced biofuel.

bio-bean works with coffee shops, office blocks, transport hubs, instant coffee factories, roasteries and waste management companies from all over the UK to collect tens of thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds and recycle them into a range of innovative biofuel products. bio-bean’s world-first coffee waste factory in Cambridgeshire is capable of recycling 1 in 10 cups of coffee drunk in the UK.

Coffee Logs are biomass briquettes derived from waste coffee grounds. These innovative biofuels have been designed, developed and manufactured by bio-bean in the UK. They are a clean, cheap, local and sustainable alternative to dirty, imported fuels – often burning hotter and for longer than conventional fuels. They can be used in a wide range of different appliances such as wood burning stoves, chimeneas, BBQs, pizza ovens, smokers or just on an open fire.

bio-bean’s Founder and CEO, Arthur Kay, said: “For a lot of people coffee is what powers them through the day. Now, we want to get our buildings and BBQs fuelled sustainably. Starting at home, bio-bean Coffee Logs allow everyone to do that – your morning cup of coffee can heat your home, power your stove and even your BBQ.”

To produce Coffee Logs on a larger scale, bio-bean is crowdfunding through a campaign on The campaign also gives an opportunity to pre-order the Coffee Logs, alongside other fantastic coffee-themes rewards. Rewards include exclusive pre-orders of Coffee Logs, an e-booklet with coffee-inspired recipes by leading chefs, VIP tickets to a range of exciting events, and a behind-the-scenes tour of bio-bean’s coffee waste recycling factory. All pledges will go towards covering the costs of producing Coffee Logs.

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