33 Books Co. Debuts New Pocket Tea Journal

Dave Selden - 33BOOKS_TEA_COVERResponding to increasing customer requests, 33 Books Co. today announced the release of a new pocket tea journal similar in format to the company’s other tasting notebooks, which include tasting journals for coffee, wine, beer, and many other fine consumables.

33 Leaves of Tea follows the same pocket format, with 33 pages for taking notes on different teas, with the familiar flavor wheel and areas to note each tea’s growing region and tea type (e.g. Pu’erh, green, white, black, etc.).

The trademark flavor wheel included on each page has been extended from 16 to 20 “spokes,” due to the wide range of flavors present in the world’s tea production.

“Tea has by far the most broad flavor spectrum of any of the products I’ve produced books for thus far. It’s very subtle, but complex. ”

33 Teas and the complete lineup of tasting notebooks can be seen at 33books.com, open 23 hours a day.

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