simpli press Gives Coffee Lovers Rich Taste Without the Mess of Fancy Brewmakers

COLIN TRETHEWEY - simpli press (1)Millions of North Americans buy gourmet coffee on their way to work every day. Now they can sleep a little longer and save money by making the finest café quality coffee at home, thanks to simpli press.
Consumers often ping-pong between coffee makers – from espresso machines to pour-over style, to French press. Everyone loves the taste, but not so much the time it takes to clean it. Problem solved, with the launch of simpli press on Kickstarter.
Today simpli press, with the help of its Kickstarter campaign, is poised to be the leader in the next wave of French presses because it tastes seriously good and it’s simple to use. simpli press can customize grinds from fine to coarse to its optional paper filter. The fine to medium grounds create not only a smoother, more complex brew, but also cuts the brewing time in half.

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