Filtration by Flojet: The Best Water for the Best Coffee

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee daily, and demand for specialty coffees is growing among younger generations. With these increasingly sophisticated tastes, water quality in the brewing process is essential to the perfect-tasting result.

Xylem understands the importance of internal boost and process pumps in applications like espresso machines and steamers to create consistent-tasting coffee beverages. Filtration by Flojet both preserves water quality and contains internal pumps for consistency.

Filtration by Flojet removes chlorine and chloramine odor and taste from municipal water with carbon block technology, and removes four times more unwanted water characteristics than competitors. Baristas can activate the filtration cartridge quickly, improving water use efficiency and reducing downtime. The result? Best-in-class, recipe-quality water.

Xylem’s Flojet brand has a comprehensive lineup of customizable beverage dispense technologies for complete solutions for coffee, espresso and tea applications.

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