Interesting uses of tea in Muscat

We all know that tea is the most consumed liquid in the world after water but if you think that it is just meant for drinking, then you’re certainly mistaken. Here are a few unique tea alternatives to help you incorporate your favourite beverage in your every day life. This might be the era of social media and digital communication, but nothing compares to having a healthy discussion or just spending time with a few tea lovers. No matter how ancient it seems, meeting friends over a cup of tea is still the most preferred way of socialising.Had too much onion in your meal or had a hearty dinner that tasted amazing but left a horrible after-smell? Tea comes to your rescue. Gargle your mouth well with brewed, cooled tea or use peppermint tea as a mouthwash with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This also helps in relieving one of toothache.There are tons of food items that you could flavour using brewed tea. But the best is, perhaps, the flavour that it adds to pasta. You can also use it to flavour broth for soups, and to tenderise meat while marinating it before roasting or grilling it.If your favourite hobby is gardening, then your favourite beverage is going to be tea. Even the remnants of the tea leaves that is found in the cup after drinking, which you treat as waste can be used to enhance your compost pile. Use tea bags in plant pots too to retain the water and leach nutrients from the soil, making the plants happier and livelier.As a cleanser, tea leaves and tea bags work wonders. You can use tea to clean wooden furniture and floors, make your mirror shine and look as good as new. It also soaks up the ash from the fireplace if wet tea leaves are kept there.Washing your hair with brewed tea is a great way to enhance the natural shine of the hair. Brew the tea leaves for long, cool it and then wash your hair with it. Steep 2-3 tea bags in boiling water, let it cool and apply on the hair. Let it sit for about an hour before rinsing.

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