2017 China Guizhou Global Tea Culture Festival and Tea Expo …

On the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhou Guofu, president of China International Tea Culture Institute, pointed out that is one of the birthplaces of tea and tea culture in . In recent years, the tea industry and tea culture have developed rapidly. Chinese tea plantations should consciously practice the new development concepts. Guided by the market, we shall strengthen the tea industry, enrich the cultural chain. expand the technology chain, extend the chain of the industry and enhance the value chain to promote the cultural value, social value, ecological value and economic value of the tea industry. We shall make more contributions to the renaissance of tea culture, to bolster tea industry and make a great power of tea once again by developing the industries, enriching the people, promoting the culture, keeping healthy and knowing each other through the tea.
Mr. , an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that tea is fragrant, fresh and mellow, so he will spare no effort to introduce and promote the tea culture and the tea industry of .
Mr. , the Minister Plenipotentiary to the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and the Cooperation of the Kingdom of , said that he would like to introduce to more people in , so that more people in can drink clean and mellow tea.
On the opening ceremony, green tea was granted Agro-product Geographical Indications by Ministry of Agriculture. Chinese Calligraphers Association presented a calligraphy work of the character of TEA written in 100 different ways as a gift to Meitan County. And Mr. , the executive vice president of China Tea Marketing Association, awarded the prizes for the Outstanding winners of 2017 National Tea Processing Vocational Skills Competition.
SOURCE 2017 China Guizhou Global Tea Culture Festival and Tea Expo

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