Zest Tea pick up wins (and funding)

It’s about that the time that Baltimore starts dreaming of the Eastern Shore. But instead of beach reveries, a pack of startups made its way across the Bay for the Shore Hatchery entrepreneurship competition at Salisbury University.
In all, the university doled out $95,000 to seven startups. The competition is open to startups around the mid-Atlantic. Here’s who won:
FitMango came away with the top prize, earning the startup $25,000. Based at the Co-op in Mt. Vernon, the company’s software allows users to find small-group fitness classes with professional trainers.
Zest Tea, the Pigtown-based company that makes caffeinated teas, won $20,000.
Salisbury University students also got in on the prize money, with Neuro Helmet Systems winning $15,000. The startup is developing a motorcycle helmet with a display that can help with navigation and sensing potential hazards.
Also receiving funding: Phone grip and stand maker Loophole, mobile makeup studio Accessmatized, Baltimore-based sewing workshop Compassionately Creative and IV drip bag decal maker Mind the Current.
The competition came just after the university announced funding for a new entrepreneurship center.

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