Groundbreaking Partnership Sets New Standard for Quality and Sustainability in Specialty Coffee Industry

Groundbreaking Partnership Sets New Standard for Quality and Sustainability in Specialty Coffee Industry
Zingerman’s Coffee Company and Costa Rica’s Hacienda Miramonte map the future of producer-roaster collaborations
Ann Arbor, MI – May 3, 2017 – The steadfast collaboration between Zingerman’s Coffee Company and Hacienda Miramonte in Costa Rica’s Naranjo Region sets a new benchmark for producer-roaster partnerships, furthering what it means to contribute to quality and sustainability in the specialty coffee industry. Steve Mangigian, Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Coffee Company, has been intimately involved with the entire production process of the latest harvest. In his numerous trips to the farm, he has overseen every step from planting to picking, processing, milling and final sorting.
The result of such efforts are some of the finest micro-lots and four of the best coffees from Hacienda Miramonte and Costa Rica that Steve has ever experienced in all his years in the industry. Zingerman’s Coffee Company’s commitment to involvement in a majority of the life cycle of the beans has also been integral to building a sustainable producer-roaster relationship, all in the name of really great coffee. This is the type of collaboration that they believe is the future for the industry and what will be the foundation for what may be the fourth wave of coffee.
“I’ve been to scores of farms and many origins, but this was the most exciting,” he explains. “Not only were we able to be involved when it was time to pick the cherry, we also cupped all the coffees that we selected. After evaluation, we went to the mill to oversee final sorting.”
Steve’s focus is to source really great tasting coffee, but he is also adamant about sharing the story behind what is ultimately a wonderful brew. His approach is to bring an appreciation to the lifespan of coffee and to shed light on what is truly a humble industry. The amount of hard work and vast amount of people it takes to get to an incredible bean should not be overlooked.
Hacienda Miramonte has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. Now managed by the fifth generation, the farm is run by Ricardo Gurdian and his daughter Viviana. Hacienda Miramonte is committed to growing quality coffees and giving back to their employees, their employees’ families, and the local community.
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