33 Books Co. Delivers Professional Coffee Roast-Tracking Tool to Home Roasters

PORTLAND, OREGON, MAY 01, 2017 — 33 Books Co., creators of the popular coffee-tasting journal, 33 Cups of Coffee, released a new coffee-related notebook this week. The roast log, titled 33 Roasts, is designed to bring a new level of precision and professionality to home roasters and small professional roasters.
33 Books Co. debuted the new book last week at the annual Specialty Coffee Association Global Expo, held in Seattle, Washington. The event draws baristas, roasters and coffee growers from around the globe.
“This new roasting log fills the gap between farmer and barista — and provides an understanding of how roasting beans affects the flavors expressed in brewed coffee”, says Dave Selden, owner of 33 Books Co., and creator of the new roast log. “I think roasters and drinkers alike will benefit by learning more about roasting’s role in the coffee process.”
The new roasting logs are slightly larger than Selden’s other books at 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Like his pocket tasting journals, the roast logs contain 33 pages, allowing roasters to document 33 different roast profiles and keep them in a tidy package for later reference.
There are spaces on each page to note key milestones in the roasting process, from time and temperature of “first crack” to finish, and minute-by-minute changes along the way. Once completed, roasters are able to create a visual roast profile in the charting area, a feature previously reserved for users of expensive roasting software.
“There are quite a few roasting software packages out there,” says Selden. “Some good, some bad. But I’m an analog guy at heart. I like vinyl records, live music and natural light. Putting pen to paper when you’re roasting coffee complements the sensory experience of roasting in a way that software just doesn’t.”
The roast logs are available now for $7 each at 33Books.com, and roasters can request volume pricing by e-mailing orders@33books.com.
About 33 Books Co.
Dave Selden started 33 Books Co. as a side project to his side project. A weekend beer blogger, he developed his first pocket tasting notebook in 2009 to help with notes on the beers he was writing about. After just a few years, the books became his full-time job. Today, 33 Books Co. produces more than a dozen flavors of pocket tasting notebooks and other tasting tools in Portland, Oregon.

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