Truro company invents the world's first vegan Cornish cream tea …

Is this a foodie first? A Truro business has come up with a vegan version of the Cornish cream tea.
Pura Pressed, which is based in The Old Bakery in Malpas Road, has come up with a novel twist on our local delicacy which is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and palm oil-free.
Graeme Holland, who runs the business with his partner Charlotte Waistell, explained that he came up with the idea of the Raw Cornish Cream Tea as a way of making sure vegans weren’t excluded from the joys of the cream tea.
There’s no denying the end product looks a lot different than the traditional cream tea, but we can guarantee that it is bursting with flavour and a delicious – and healthier – alternative to the fattening clotted cream variety.
See the video above as I take the taste test and chat to Graeme about his novel invention.
How you buy the Raw Cornish Cream Tea.
The scone is made from gluten-free oats, macadamia nuts, chia seeds and nut milk. Rather than being baked, the dough is dehydrated for eight hours so that none of the nutrients are lost.
The jam is made from Cornish strawberries and chia seeds – a teaspoon of the seeds provides more calcium than a glass of milk – while the clotted cream is replaced by gluten and dairy free coconut cream.
You can buy the vegan cream tea from Pura Pressed’s stall at Truro Farmers’ Market on Lemon Quay on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 3.30pm.
Putting the vegan cream tea together – jam first as always.
Graeme and Charlotte currently make vegan cakes, desserts, salads and will soon be delivering wraps too. It is also Cornwall’s only cold pressed juice business; all of its juices are unpasteurised.
Veganism is on the rise with the recent Cornwall Vegan Festival at Mount Pleasant Eco Park attracting about 1,500 people and selling out of all of its food within three hours.
Graeme added: “We’re noticing that a lot of people are making the move to vegan food. We offer a plant-based alternative that is based around health and well-being which is also bursting with flavour and is authentically Cornish.”

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