Lotusier makes history with the first tea humidor

The history of tea spans so many centuries and cultures, it seems impossible that, at this point, the drink could change at all. But history is full of surprises, and Lotusier’s new Tea Humidor proves that there are still ways to innovate the way we drink the world’s oldest beverage.
Interior designer Asa Eriksson-Ahuja developed the humidor after she learned that her husband found it difficult to keep his tea fresh while travelling. Unable to find a product that would solve the problem, she decided to create her own, and commissioned a team of world-renowned jewellery box and crystal artisans to construct a one of a kind gift. The end result was the Humidor, an expertly crafted object that protects tea from moisture, light, air and odours through the use of airtight crystal boxes outfitted with sterling silver humidity control tools.

The humidor transforms drinking tea into high art
These intricate containers are kept in an elegant box of inlaid wood that further ensures every tea is perfectly preserved. A truly international endeavour, the development of the Humidor took four years of collaboration between artisans in France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, and comes in six designs that are each inspired by the tea drinking cultures in China, Japan, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and the Occident.
By encasing tea in such exquisite elegance, the Humidor not only changes how tea is stored but how it is thought about. In the words of Madame Yu Hui Tseng, one of the world’s ten Gongfu tea masters: ‘just as with cigars and liqueurs in their cases and cabinets, tea is given a stage, a mise-en-scène, where it is protected, nurtured and admired.’ The Humidor transforms tea drinking into an art by showcasing the unique smell, taste, and appearance of every leaf it holds. Now available, Lotusier’s Tea Humidor is sure to make every brew exceptional.

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