New Matcha Suppliers Credit Quick Growth to Local Business …

Frustrated with the negative effects from coffee, Red Bull, Five-Hour Energy and pre-workout supplements, childhood friends and former University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) volleyball teammates Robbie Page, 24, and Steve O’Dell, 22, endlessly searched for a healthier, energy-filled alternative until summer 2016, when they discovered Camellia Sinensis, commonly known as matcha or green tea.

This natural ingredient inspired Page, a graduate in neuroscience, and O’Dell, a former history major, to abruptly change their life paths and launch a new business, Tenzo Tea, to serve the best quality matcha and promote a healthy lifestyle.
One serving of matcha contains 52 milligrams of caffeine, 23 milligrams more than a serving of Coca Cola. Drinking matcha daily has been found to prevent cancer-cell growth and cardiovascular disease, reduce inflammation and onset of arthritis, boost metabolism, utilize fat as an energy source, reduce cholesterol, limit invasion and growth of viruses and bacteria and prevent brain aging and neurodegenerative disease, according to Page and O’Dell.
Less than a year after discovering matcha, Tenzo Tea is now sold in 36 locations in Southern California, almost half of which are in Long Beach.

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