Tea2Go expands offerings, opens new Lubbock shop

Tea2Go is going on 3 years of giving its Lubbock and Plainview customer their fix of refreshment and caffeine.

Now, the company has opened its third store on the South Plains with a new shop in Central Lubbock at 4206 19th St., said Stephanie Williams, owner and operator of Tea2Go in Lubbock and Plainview, who hopes the new store will encourage Lubbockites to try a sip – or more – of one of their many varieties.

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Consumers drink teas for a variety of reasons ranging from hydration to getting that needed caffeine boost to a number of health benefits.
Some of her customers, she said, prefer to drink a fasting tea for their caffeine and to help curb appetites.
“Our fasting (tea) is our most popular weight-loss tea,” she said. “It has more caffeine than a Red Bull because it has mate (pronounced mott) tea in it. So, it suppresses your appetite. It doesn’t make you jittery.”
Among popular teas in the business, Madagascar Coconut is a white, loose-leaf tea that is caffeine free. Williams said a green tea called Rocking Ruby Red is the most popular among their assortment of green teas, while customers who prefer black teas are often drawn to Tropical Sangria.
Williams said most customers prefer to have a cold brew tea, but there’s definitely a market for hot tea.
“Our most popular hot tea is going to be the after-dinner mint,” she said.
Williams said this tea has peppermint leaves, lavender and lemon grass.
The company orders from Tucson, Arizona, but the tea leaves come from all around the world, including South Africa, India, China and South America, according to Williams.
“We also just got eight new organic teas,” she said. “These are actually teas you can’t get in Texas.”
Williams said she’s always had a passion for tea, but it has intensified in her years running Tea2Go, adding it’s easy to develop a passion for something that she believes is good for people.
“Our mission is healthy tea for healthy living,” she said. “Our mission is to help our customers build a healthy lifestyle through the benefits of our teas. That’s what we’re here to do.”


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