Tokyo's green tea beer garden gives you all-you-can-drink matcha …

Matcha wine, sausage, and desserts also on offer at elegant restaurant in the heart of the city.
Along with shrine festivals and fireworks displays, beer gardens are a much-loved part of summer in Japan. While all-you-can-drink beer is always part of the package, each beer garden tries to do something special to stand out, whether that means offering expansive rooftop views or special themed decorations.
In the case of Green Tea Restaurant 1899, the hook is exactly what you’d expect from the name. The restaurant, located in Tokyo’s Ochanomizu neighborhood (just across the Kanda River from the Akihabara district) specializes in food and drink that makes use of Japanese green tea, and come June will be kicking off its Matcha Beer Garden campaign, offering unlimited amounts of 10 different types of beer, many of which are mixed with some of Japan’s favorite types of tea.

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