This is the surprising reason you should NEVER leave your teabag in the cup

QUEEN of the kitchen Nigella Lawson made a shocking confession earlier this month when she revealed that she likes her cuppa with the teabag left in.
That’s right, a classic English Breakfast tea, with milk and everything – with the teabag left in.
Rocked by the revelation, The Sun Online set about investigating whether it actually matters if you go bag in… and there’s one very real reason you should avoid it.
It stands to reason that stewing the bag in the tea will increase the strength, and therefore the darkness of the brew, so this means it also increases the risk of staining your teeth.
Tea expert Verity Smout from T2 – specialists in loose-leaf tea and innovative teaware – said: “The water does get darker when you leave the tea in so naturally it would stain more.”

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