Exceptional coffee using sustainable practices from crop-to-cup

From the idyllic waterside town of Topsham Maine, Wicked Joe is roasting delicious Fair Trade, Organic crop-to-cup coffee for the entire nation. Today, Wicked Joe is available in over 1800 grocery stores nationwide in 15 of the largest chains in the US. In 2017, they expect to roast over 1 million pounds of Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee. Owner Carmen Garver states “At Wicked Joe we maintain the highest social, environmental, production and quality practices. We believe that by building a sustainable company and creating exceptional coffees using best practices, we have the greatest lasting impact on our environment and community.”
Despite their massive success, Wicked Joe remains highly dedicated to quality, community and sustainability. A Certified B Corp., Wicked Joe’s products are Organic, Fair Trade and Non-GMO verified. 100% of their coffees are either certified Organic or Fair Trade. Not only do their products meet the rigorous standards of the top label regulations, Wicked Joe owners Bob and Carmen Garver elevate social responsibility standards by visiting their global farm partners several times a year to meet with growers, build relationships and understand the company’s impact on the community. In 2016 alone Wicked Joe Coffee contributed an additional $150,000 to partner communities. “From farm to mill to roastery to coffeehouse, coffee professionals are experimenting with new methods of farming, processing, roasting and brewing coffees. We love everything about our lives in coffee, but working closely with our farmer partners at origin who produce our delicious coffees is absolutely one of the most joyful and meaningful things we do. “Importantly, Wicked Joe also tastes, well wicked…they offer single origin coffee such as: Sumatra and Colombia Tolima. They also offer bold blends such as: Big House, Wicked French, Wicked Italian, First Tracks and more.

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