Nootrobox, a fast-growing Silicon Valley nootropics and cognitive enhancement company, announces updates to, and mass distribution of, one of its flagship products – GO CUBES. GO CUBES, which launched one year ago at SXSW 2016, are gummy coffee bites offering enhanced cognitive performance without the jitters often associated with coffee and energy drinks.
Consumers purchasing GO CUBES will now receive a new formulation, which eliminates many of the bitter and sour notes in the original formula using a new, proprietary process. GO CUBES will continue to be made with cold-brew coffee and offer a full nootropic stack, including caffeine, B complex to accelerate metabolism and L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. Each cube is 35 calories and has the caffeine equivalent of one half a cup of coffee.
GO CUBES are also now available in individual flavor packs. The three new SKUs will be in addition to the current mixed flavor packs. Single flavor packs are offered in Latte, Pure Drip and Mocha. “We’ve seen great debate erupt around which flavors of GO CUBES are the best, so we now made it easy for each person to get their favorite one.” said Geoffrey Woo, CEO, Nootrobox.
“GO CUBES broke out as a cult hit at SXSW last year, and by its first birthday, we’re seeing GO CUBES mature into a mainstream product embraced by everyone from truck drivers to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to college students,” continued Woo. “We’ve paved the way for nootropics that safely and consistently improve cognitive performance. We’re a R&D company at heart, so we’re constantly re-assessing and tinkering with current products and developing new ones.”
GO CUBES are available online through the Nootrobox website, as well as GO CUBES are also available in more than 3,000 retail locations nationwide, including more than 100 Shell Gas locations in the Chicago area and in The Loop, a popular California convenience store with 23 locations. Based on the success of its initial pilot, GO CUBES will also be in 450 California 7-11 convenience stores by the end of April.
GO CUBES are available in 20 4-packs for $39 and 6 4-packs for $15. Individual 4-packs are available for $2.99 in convenience stores. More than one million GO CUBES have been sold to date.

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