Fogdog Cold Brew introduces all-natural creamy texture to cold brew category with Sumatra Dark Roast

Fogdog Cold Brew, a Bay Area-based startup, introduces Sumatra dark roast coffee – a new cold brew coffee featuring a uniquely creamy texture as a result of the company’s patent-pending hydrodynamic cold extraction process.
Traditionally, cold brewing coffee and tea has remained a static process – one that requires a significant investment in water, time and space. Now, with the introduction of Fogdog’s hydrodynamic cold extraction process, the company redefines the category with a line of cold brew coffee that is remarkably distinct. By brewing its coffee with cold, fast-moving water, Fogdog is able to extract aromatic oils into the liquid to create a silky and creamy texture without any dairy or other additives.
“Our Sumatra dark roast coffee has two ingredients: coffee beans and water,” said Alex Siow, Founder and CEO of Fogdog Cold Brew. “With our exclusive brewing process, we are able to extract smooth, bold flavors directly from the coffee bean, resulting in a new all-natural cold brew coffee with a unique creamy taste and texture.”
Sumatra dark roast is maintained at 38 F for just-in-time serving, with no flash heat pasteurization for unadulterated taste. The coffee combines only hand selected dark roast coffee beans, with ice cold water, to create a coffee that is naturally sweet and creamy, with a density and rich color specific to Fogdog’s patent-pending method of brewing. Though the coffee only contains two ingredients—coffee beans and water—its caffeine content is high enough to give consumers the extra boost they want.
Sumatra dark roast coffee may be purchased in a 12-ounce single bottle or convenient 1.5-liter, 3-liter or 9-liter pouch. For more information about Sumatra dark roast coffee or Fogdog, please visit

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