Latin American Coffee Summit 2017

We are pleased to present you our Fifth Edition. This year we are pleased receiving the bianual Convention of the International Women´s Coffee Alliance. “The Latin American Coffee Summit” is an event that consolidates as the largest event in Latin America for the coffee sector.
We have a training program that involves the entire coffee production chain. In 2016 we had 10 thousand visitors, 300 exhibitors and 10 thousand square meters of expo and training.
We have “The Barista City”, a space created to house everything related to barista, such as supplies, machinery, coffee bars, training and the most innovative methods of this exciting world.
Supporting the position of the Latin American Coffee Summit in 2017, we will be hosting the International Coffee Competition of Baristas Women.
The benefits for the exhibitor are generate business opportunities, linkage with the entire production chain, consolidate the comercial relationship with other countries, know the national and international trends of the sector, keep yourself update to be in the market, know the innovations of the competition.

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