The Purity of Reverse Osmosis Water with the Technology to Inhibit Both Scale and Corrosion Espresso Equipment
HANOVER PARK, IL – (DATE) – There is little doubt that the purity of reverse osmosis water is perceived to be the optimal ingredient water in many food and beverage operations. However, while that water can be great for the finished product, it can wreak havoc on the foodservice equipment which can make up a significant portion of an operation’s capital investment. Irreversible corrosion and damaging scale are real and potentially costly concerns for users trying to protect their equipment investments. That is why Pentair is pleased to announce its new Everpure Conserv 75E High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, which solves those problems specifically by offering true corrosion protection as well as scale inhibition in espresso equipment.
This compact yet high performance system features filtered and RO water blending capability, which allows users to tailor water to a custom water quality specification, creating the right balance of minerals for both equipment protection and optimal beverage taste. Plus, the proprietary, high efficiency RO membrane accomplishes this while delivering a 50% water savings compared to competing conventional RO technologies.
According to James Franceschetti, Pentair Foodservice Marketing Manager, the new Conserv 75E System “is a great compact, cost-effective point-of-use RO system for specialty coffee applications, that not only addresses scale but is also a true corrosion-inhibiting solution. Keeping sustainability in mind, this system also sends 50% less water to drain than conventional RO systems. Another unique feature, ideal for today’s popular iced coffee drinks, is that the Conserv can connect to small ice makers to provide premium quality water to that equipment as well.”
Visit our website at or contact us at 800.942.1153 for additional information on this high efficiency reverse osmosis and other specialty coffee application solutions. To see some of these solutions in action, we encourage you to view our newly released specialty coffee video.
WATER FOR COFFEE LOVERSTM VIDEOS are now available! Over the last year, Pentair reached out to Everpure customers all over the world – from roasters to coffee shops to barista champions – to get their perspectives regarding the importance of water quality in preparing the perfect specialty coffee or espresso beverage, and the role Everpure solutions play in the process. With coffee and espresso being 98% water and being so important to coffee experts, they have come to rely on Pentair Everpure products to provide high quality water filtration for consistent, optimal ingredient water for every cup they brew. Discerning coffee professionals worldwide trust our solutions to deliver the premium-quality water they look for when creating coffee masterpieces for coffee lovers.

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