You've probably been making your cups of green tea all wrong …

MILLIONS love a brew to get their days started, but it turns out that you might have been making your green tea wrong this entire time.
Experts have revealed that contrary to popular belief you should not be using a full cuppa of boiling water, and even worse, your error could be impacting how it tastes.
Many of us simply flick the kettle on and then add to a tea bag, but it seems that’s a grave error.
For a truly delectable cup of green tea you need to use a cup that is 80 per cent boiled water, with an inch of icey water on top.
Tea expert Johnathan Benson from T2 – specialists in loose-leaf tea and innovative teaware, explained to the Sun Online: “The reason that green tea has had a bad rep in the UK is that when green tea first became a big thing using bags, everybody would chuck a tea bag into a mug.
“They would then add freshly boiled water, leave it for a few minutes and then pull it out.
“The flavour of tea we all know and love comes from a number of different compounds.  There is compound in tea called catechins.
“It gives it tea its distinctive flavour but too much makes it taste metallic.
“If you lower the temperature, not as much of this bitter chemical is released in the tea. So avoid boiling water.”

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