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First off, I have to pitch our upcoming issue in July. I know that this is the June issue and there is lots of good stuff here, but the July issue is our “Making a Difference” e-zine. Every year we showcase non-profits that are daily engaging in the activities necessary to build a better world for everyone. Not occasionally, but day in and day out they are scraping together cash, making another presentation, hopping into another 4X4 truck, and sleeping on dirt floors in order to make one more person’s life better – one more village healthier.
It’s really amazing, if you take some time to think about it. These folks usually do not earn nearly enough money, they typically travel in steerage, and they worry constantly about the welfare of others. In other words, they are pretty much taking care of that whole humanity and spirituality side of our business so that we really do not have to. We notice them lurking around the edges of conferences and standing alone in 10×10 tradeshow booths. In many ways, the folks who man the trenches of the non-profits we admire are often invisible to us.
Considering how important their work is for our industry and the world, the last thing these intrepid folks should be is invisible. So, for one month a year, we bring them out into the sunlight so they can tell you what they do, what they have done, and what they hope to do in the future, if they can find donors. You can read about them at your leisure in your comfortable life while they, once they send on their articles, are off again fighting on the side of angels to make the world better.
Without the Karen Cebreros’, the August Burns’, the Bill Fishbein’s, the Paul Rice’s, the Paul Katzeff’s, the Rick Peyser’s, and all the other champions for a better world out there, our industry would be a much greyer and very dull place. Take some time in the coming weeks to consider the debt we owe the non-profits that labor on our behalf and consider what more you might do to support them and the industry that has given so many of us a great living and a great life.
Once again, CoffeeTalk will donate a $1000 check to the non-profit that has the most click-thrus from the “Making a Difference” issue. Please read their stories and click-thru to learn more. It is well worth it.
We also want to thank all the companies that support this issue every year through advertising and sponsorships. Without them, the “Making a Difference” issue would not be possible and this forum would not be available to these non-profits.
Also, we want to thank the SCAA and Coffee Fest for awarding the CoffeeTalk Power Press their Best New Product awards in their open class category. We know that it is a great benefit to the industry, especially retailers and roasters looking for new ideas, but we are honored to be recognized for it by Coffee Fest and the SCAA, as well as all the attendees at their shows.
However, we are not letting any grass grow under our feet, we are about to introduce four new products that have never been tried before in the coffee media. Without going into a lot of detail, I can say that we will expand our audience and increase the quality of our content. We are investing in new technologies and forward leaning management systems, exciting new information channels, and value-added benefits to retailers, roasters, and coffee professionals that, I believe, will initiate deep systemic change in the way we learn, view, and interact in our industry and the world.
Kerri and I have never been shy about committing to an idea, investing properly, and acting quickly. Part of the charm of being a family owned and run business is that we are not beholden to any outsiders or associations/groups. Our decisions are based on what is best for our family, our business, our advertisers, and of course our faithful readers. Our independence from outside influence makes us strong – and profitable.
So I hope you enjoy and are amazed at what is coming down the line. There will be some slips and missteps along the way, but that is part of being a family business too. Thanks for all the support you have given us over the last 25 years and hold tight because the next 25 years is going to be crazy.
Kerri & Miles

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