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Jason Richelson ShopKeep POSShopKeep POS at Coffee Fest this year
The simplest way to make smarter business decisions, ShopKeep POS is the affordable, complete point of sale (POS) platform for running stores like cafes or coffee shops entirely from an iPad.
Revolutionizing the traditional cash register, cloud-based iPad POS systems are making it faster for retailers to process transactions and easier for them to track sales and stock. Already in thousands of quick serve restaurants across the country, it’s the biggest new technology upgrade every coffee retailer needs to know about this year.
Visit Tom Dougherty at the show at booth #919 to find out more.
Jason Richelson, CEO and Founder of ShopKeep POS at Coffee Fest
Jason created ShopKeep POS based on his own experience as the co-founder of two specialty food and wine stores in New York.  As a retailer, Jason had many problems with his server-based POS system and while on vacation his store servers crashed, essentially crippling the business. This was the turning point for Jason, inspiring him to build a more reliable, cloud-based point of sale system for merchants just like him. Now, ShopKeep POS has over 70 employees who all work toward the goal of empowering more than 6,500 merchants nationwide to build and grow their businesses.
You can see Jason speak on two occasions at Coffee Fest Chicago:
1. Running your shop with your head in the clouds: 11am on Friday
Jason breaks down cloud computing, how it can work for cafes and coffee shops and some of the best tools available.
2. Learn from experience panel: how to open a coffee shop: 10am on Saturday
Jason hosts a panel with two Chicago-based retailers, Victoria Salamanca from Cafe Tola and Sara Roberts from The Coffee Alley, about everything you need to know to set up a coffee shop, from funding and location through to suppliers and marketing.
Cloud-based POS – revolutionizing the cash register
Sitting on almost every retail counter across the globe is a large, clunky cash register that has hardly evolved in decades. These old fashioned, legacy POS systems have long been functionally and aesthetically outdated and incapable of meeting the demands of the modern retail world.
Fast forward to today and POS systems are undergoing a major overhaul. The grey boxes are being replaced with the elegant design of an iPad POS which provides both a more modern aesthetic and a reduced physical barrier between the cashier and the customer. Intuitive interface designs like that of ShopKeep POS also mean transactions are processed faster, which is more efficient for the retailer and more convenient for the customer.
What’s more, the marriage of ‘cloud computing’ (computing on the web) and mobile technology like the iPad has enabled business owners to simplify processes, cut costs and gain anywhere anytime access to the kind of easy-to-use, automated analytics previously only available to larger retailers. You could call it democratizing POS.
Cloud-based iPad POS systems are revolutionizing the way retailers process credit cards, track sales, generate reports and manage inventory and staff.  All of which can make a real difference to sales – same store sales for ShopKeep POS merchants in March this year were up 15% over March 2012.
And it’s catching on. The mobile payments industry is expected to grow by almost 40% by the end of 2013.  iPad POS will become not just a more efficient way to manage a business but a quality of experience customers will (and in some cities already do) expect and flock to.
The simplest and by far the most impactful change any retailer can make to their business this year is to upgrade to an iPad POS. It’s a no-brainer.
For Inquiries Contact:
Jessica Power
Director of Communications
ShopKeep POS

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