CoffeeNotes to Launch Funding Campaign this Weekend at Coffee Fest – Navy Pier, Chicago

coffeenotesJune 7-9

CoffeeNotes, a newly developed app to aid baristas and the coffee connoisseur in brewing the perfect cup of coffee, will be exhibiting at Coffee Fest in Chicago this weekend.
CoffeeNotes’ patent pending technology allows the app user to analyze their coffee grinds and calibrate their brewer to achieve a perfect cup of coffee using any brew method.  Once calibrated, this easy to use tool will assist the barista to ensure that the end product meets the taste expectations of each consumer.  For the coffee connoisseur this app will determine correct proportions and ratios whether by cups desired or amount of coffee used.  In addition to its unique calibration, the CoffeeNotes app will allow users to share their favorite recipes and evaluate specialty coffeees with one another.
Founder and inventor, Greg Mayworm will be at the CoffeeNotes table to demonstrate and discuss the features and future of this new approach to coffee brewing.  Attendees will be able to personally try out the app as well as sample coffees brewed via different methods using the CoffeeNotes app.
CoffeeNotes is also launching its KickStarter funding campaign in connection with Coffee Fest.  Interested parties can view the KickStarter video at the booth and sign up as a Founding Member.
For more information, check out the CoffeeNotes website at or go to to see how you can attend this specialty coffee event.
For More Information Contact:
Greg Mayworm
(847) 680-3300

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