Environmentally Friendly Tray Forming Solution for Meeting Sustainability Objectives

PoplokEagle Packaging Machinery’s POPLOK® is an automatic tray forming solution designed to erect self locking corrugated and paperboard trays. Eliminating using glue and your pressure sensitive tape, this style of packaging is 100 % recyclable with no required separating what is and is not recyclable when disposing of the tray.
The POPLOK is totally automatic and easy to use. Flat blank trays are placed in a hopper and the trays are pulled into forming section and under forming plows that erect the side and end panels. Simultaneously the minor flaps are being folded. The trays then pass through a set of side bars that fold and lock the roll-over flap into place.
The POPLOK can handle a large variety of flat blank sizes to produce an impressive array of formed trays with and without hinged lid. The POPLOK is designed with a small footprint. Requires very little floor space and is mobile. It can be rolled in and out as needed.
Another extreme benefit of the POPLOK is the quick changeover. A complete changeover can be done within minutes and with minimal change parts. Operators can be trained within one day to operate, changeover and maintain this machine.
The POPLOK uses well known branded components including OMRON PLC and Colour Touch Screen, SMC valves and or cylinders and wired in compliance with UL standards meeting OSHA requirements as well
The POPLOK offers an exceptional rate of return on investment. Many users have recaptured investment with 12 months of implementing the POPLOK. The benefits are numerous. Increase output while reducing labour cost. No risk of repetitive motion workmen’s claims when erecting trays. The POPLOK is the building block for continued automation when integrating with a down stream pick and place section, lid closing section or wrapping and palletizing.
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