The Coffee World Is Pouring Into Nice!

The much anticpated SCAE World of Coffee 2013 is almost here with thousands of people from the world’s coffee industry set to arrive in Nice from 26-28 June at the Acropolis Exhibition Centre.

Sponsored by Malongo, SCAE World of Coffee, Nice 2013 is a 3-day event incorporating over 100 exhibitors and 4 WORLD COFFEE COMPETITIONS (the World Latte Art Championship; the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship; the World Cup Tasters Championship and the all new World Coffee Roasting Championship). The event also stages SCAE EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS AND COFFEE DIPLOMA SYSTEM CERTIFICATION. Recognising talent from within the industry, SCAE World of Coffee 2013 will again host the NEW PRODUCT OF THE SHOW AWARDS and the SCAE AWARDS FOR COFFEE EXCELLENCE. Once again visitors can enjoy The VILLAGE – a showcase of innovation in the micro roasting/producing sector along with TAMPER TANTRUM – a series of talks and debate by notable guest presenters in front of a live audience, that will be live-streamed on the internet.

The first-ever World Roasters Summit 2013 takes place at the Palais de la Mediterannee (25th June 2013).
The event will focus on the areas of Terroir, Direct Trade, the Science of roasting and Profiling and has an exciting line up of luminary speakers including: George Howell (Terroir Coffee), Joseph Rivera (Coffee Chemistry), Jeremy Torz: (Union Hand Roasted Coffee) and Alain Copigny: (President of Serpac, Paris)

SCAE are offering coffee diploma system workshops in french and english

SCAE are offering an extensive programme of workshops to launch their upgrade to the Coffee Diploma System. Foundation and Intermediate workshops will be available in the following modules: Barista skills, Green coffee, Brewing, Roasting and Sensory & Cuptasting.
SCAE are also working in collaboration with the SCAA to offer courses in ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Decaffeination’. Recognised and knowledgeable trainers from the USA will be presenting these courses that include certification. SCAE have a wide range of courses on offer and of those the following workshops will be offered in both French and English at the show.
Green Coffee Foundation – an introductory course that covers key concepts surrounding green coffee from growing the plant, through processing, shipping and storage to arrival at a roastery. 
Sensory Foundation – covering all aspects of sensory evaluation, enabling you to identify speciality coffee qualities and learn how to implement it in your business.

The Art of Brewing Great Coffee – this course explores through theory and coffee tastings, the secrets of making a properly extracted coffee. You will also learn the essential elements of coffee brewing and taste how they each influence the final cup.

Working with Le Nez du Café – this course will give you an opportunity to learn how to recognize the aromas of the different coffees of the world.

Zones des Chefs is a new show feature dedicated to celebrating the fusion of quality coffee with fine food. Three acclaimed chefs étoilés will demonstrate their skill and innovation by preparing their unique coffee-infused recipes in front of a live audience at the show. The Michelin-starred chefs, Christian Plumail (chef at L’Univers), Laurent Poulet (La Table du Cap) and David Faure (Aphrodite) will treat the audience to the delights of molecular cuisine involving coffee, monkfish with a coffee sauce and the mysterious ‘KA3” – this mastery of cooking and flavours is not to be missed!

The SCAE ‘New Product’ of the Show Awards features is the perfect platform to view what’s new to the market in the last year. The scheme is designed to both recognise and reward excellence and innovation in the industry with awards categories including: Best Coffee Related Product or Machine, Best Non-Coffee Beverage (e.g.Tea, Juice Water). This years judges include Olivier Novelli, Restaurant Director of the famous Le Negresco restaurant; Sylvie Soubes, Food and beverage writer for one of the hotel industries most popular magazines, L’Hotellerie Restauration and Lionel Compan, chief sommelier, le Negresco.
Generously sponsored by Bunn. SCAE received the largest number of nominations ever submitted across the five award categories. The judges have been deliberating and the winners are to be announced in Nice.
SCAE Coffee Photography Exhibition, Stand E27
The judges have been deliberating over their winning selection from the most entries ever received for the SCAE photography competition. This year’s exhibition of photographs will be on show in the main exhibition hall. The top three awards will be announced at the show.
The Village feature was launched at SCAE World of Coffee, Vienna 2012 to highlight the smaller innovative and artisan business operators in the Coffee Industry. This is also a popular feature with micro roasters and micro lot producers as well as authors of coffee books. This year a centrally located brew bar will provide a vibrant hub for enjoying artisan coffees.
To be held at the Hi Park Beach on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice. This fabulous beach location is going to be a popular evening event including the popular Coffee Kids charity auction, music and much much more. (Ticket enquiries: Visit SCAE and Coffee Kids stands at the show)

Marc Käppeli, President of SCAE said,The time has finally arrived when we can once again showcase, analyse and celebrate innovation in our industry in such a large gathering from across the globe. I anticipate a very exciting programme ahead of us this year, including the competitions, debate, learning and of course, entrepreneurship. With such a grand-scale display from suppliers throughout the world, this is the show where you will meet some of the most influential buyers in the industry today, there’s no better place to do business!”

Some of the biggest names in coffee are participating in this 3-day event and provide visitors the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the very best businesses in the coffee industry. Exhibitors include (in alphabetical order): 3M, African Fine Coffees Association, Al-Ezzi Industries, Alpro, ANCAP SPA, Barista Guild, Belco, Bespoke Water, Beyond the Bean, BIG TRAIN, INC., Blue Mountain Coffee, Bravilor France, BRITA Professional , BSCA – Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, Bunn O Matic Corporation, BWT water + more , C.I.A..SRL Packing Machines, Café de Costa Rica, Café de Honduras, Café de Puerto Rico, Cafés Richard, CafeDetiamo, Caffesmile, Cafetto, Caffita System Spa., Capsul’in – Cap’Mundo, Chocolaterie Monbana, Cimbali Group SpA, Cimbria Heid Kaack, CMA Macchine per Caffe S.r.l. – Astoria, Coffee & Cocoa International (C&CI), Coffee & Tea International, Coffee Board of India, Coffee-Consulate, Coffee Education Network, Coffee Kids, CoffeeNetwork, Coffeelaktika TM, Coffeena, CoffeeTrend Magazine, Coffee-Tech, Comité Français du Café, Composants Diffusion, CONTI, Costadoro Caffe, Cropster, Daarnhouwer & Co. BV, Dalla Corte S.r.l.,DaVinci Gourmet Deli Drinks, De’Longhi France, Demus S.p.A., Diedrich Roasters, Drago Mocambo , DRWakefield, Espresso Warehouse, FA Coffee, FC Stone,Franco Anglo Coffee, Franke Coffee Systems, Fuso International, Giesen Coffee Roaster, Grounds for Health, HOST 2013 – FieramilanoI Italy, Guatemalan Coffees,Imper, Interamerican Coffee, Joper Portugal, La Spaziale International, Le Nez du Café, LiloKawa, Loring Smartroast, Mahlkonig GmbH & Co. KG, Malongo , Marco Beverage Systems, MONIN, Natvia, Nespresso, Novoroaster GMBH, Nuova Simonelli SpA, Pacific Bag, Inc., Pentair, Petroncini Impianti S.P.A., PreGel Spa, PROBAT-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Pronto Café, Pulycaff, Rancilio Group Spa, Reneka International,Rimini Fiera Spa, SAECO France, Sandalj Trading Company, Sanremo  S.r.l., SCAE, Sinar Technology, Stir Tea & Coffee,Technivorm-Moccamaster, London School of Coffee, Tightpac Europe, Top Moka, Toper Coffee Roaster, Trabocca B.V., Uganda Coffee Development Authority, UNIC, Urnex Brands, Inc., Varesina Caffee’, Volcafe, Weber Packaging GmbH, Wega Macchine per Caffe S.r.l., , Virtual Coffee Lab, VVA Ltd


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