2013 the 7th China (Shanghai) High-End Food and Beverage Expo

DateIn November 2013, 29 – December 1,
AddressShanghai everbright convention and exhibition center
Guide unit
International Food Safety Association
The national food safety risk assessment center

Organizational unit
High-end food and Beverage Exhibition Organizing Committee
Fubon Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Along with improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents and the renewal of the consumption idea, Chinese consumers the ability and the demand for food and food consumption also will be more and more high, green, organic and safe become consumption hot spots, energy conservation and environmental protection become trend makes food and catering industry’s future prospects is infinite.
Shanghai high-end food and Beverage Exhibition to hotel, restaurant, bar, coffee shops, clubs, shops and other commercial space as the target group, dedicated to create a food and beverage, coffee and tea professional exhibition and other senior food ingredients a one-stop supplier and solution, will provide one-stop sourcing platform a more than 100000 buyers of the Hotel and catering industry for food exhibitors.
At last after the exhibition, exhibitors and visitors made outstanding achievements in the three days of exhibition. The exhibition has more than 400 high-quality exhibitors record at. The vast majority of exhibitors said that the exhibition to maintain its leading position in China, and to show theThe audience is the high-end food and drink with a cognitive groups more professional. The organizers of high quality food and beverage brands in the Chinese market marketing system and channel to build the development platform.
Exhibition scope
Wine galleries
wine,Chinese liquor, rice wine, health wine, fruit wine, beer, low alcohol drinks, etc.;
Imported food area
Imported food, canned food, organic food, fruits, spices and jam, edible oil, grain and oil, olive oil, tea oil, meat products, frozen food, health food, senior food and ingredients, candy, vinegar, dairy products, chocolate, bread, baked goods, etc.;
Second-ranking food machinery, packaging area
Food production and processing equipment, food packaging machinery, tea sets, tea utensils, candy, coffee equipment, coffee equipment, packaging materials, security detection technology and equipment, etc.;
When the original ingredients exhibition area
Health ingredients and natural raw materials, food additives, edible flavor spices, starch, starch sugar, sugar alcohol, edible oils and grease substitutes, special flour, yeast products, oligosaccharides, plant protein, dietary fiber, a variety of fillings, seasonings, spices, salt, dairy, beverage concentrate, food additives and ingredients, and extract of Chinese herbal medicine, edible medicinal aromatic plants, natural organic food ingredients, baking raw materials, all kinds of food related industry, etc.;
Low seafood and frozen food
Seafood, frozen goods, fresh products, avoiding at sea, fish mi/pulp, frozen foods/meats, poultry, etc;
Audiences category
Six years a growing audience database to ensure the annual high-quality audience, expressed satisfaction over 80% exhibitors. In 24000 square meters in the museum, you will be faced with tens of thousands from home and abroad, the high Stars Hotel Resort and hotel management group, social catering, bars, coffee shop, bakery, pastry, large chain enterprises, import and export business, dealers, and professional chef, coffee, tea, coffee maker Western-style Western-style food training school.
Held in the same period
“China’s food safety industry forum”, the forum will be aimed at the current situation of food safety in China, analysis of modern food safety management model and corporate responsibility, food safety and government regulation are discussed. The forum will attract hundreds of well-known food enterprises, food safety government departments and professional buyers to attend.
The seventh retailers, distributors to negotiate –COFE is Chinese retail industry experts with exhibitors face to face communication place. People interviewed with exhibitors scene from Chinese retail industry giants: Carrefour, Metro, lotus, Tesco, WAL-MART, RT-Mart, good German chain. While Lianhua and profit as the local retail legion, in 2012 for the first time to participate in this activity. Last year, exhibitors online appointment fair reached 200 games.
Organizers invited 1 to 5 the strength of the exhibitors as sponsor and sponsor, organizer, B, C divides a level, the specific charges available.

Domestic enterprises Standard boothRMB13800/9m23m×3m Special decoration boothRMB1300/m2
Joint venture Standard boothRMB15800/9m23m×3m Special decoration boothRMB1500/m2
Foreign enterprise Standard boothUSD3000/9m23m×3m Special decoration boothUSD300/m2
Deluxe booth RMB16800/9m23m×3m SeminarRMB9800/every

To cope with the exhibitors during the exhibition publicity, let the customer know more exhibitors information, the organizing committee will carefully woven meeting journal, journal of the customers in addition to distributed outside, still to the competent trade authorities, agents, distributors, user units, research institute, association (learn) will be sent, and other units, enterprises can according to particular case journal published layout.

Magazine coverRMB25000 The first pageRMB15000 Title pageRMB12000
Magazine backRMB20000 The second pageRMB10000 Color pageRMB8000

The organizing committee welcome high reputation, influence, contracts, and keeping promises, and strong Chinese and foreign enterprise named conference sponsored unit,
Return on investment
1, Exclusive resources 2, Honor courtesy 3, Comprehensive propaganda loaded 4, Best booth location 5, The meeting place of advertising 6, The opening ceremony of the propaganda 7Journal of advertising 8, The exhibitors audience certificates 9,Invitation letter and tickets 10, Special media interviews 11Seminar
The 7th China high-end food and beverage exhibition organizing committee
Contact personZhang Zhou

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