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Oakland, Calif. (June 2013) – Numi Organic Tea, known for delicious organic, non-GMO and fair trade certified teas and teasans, is proud to announce an exciting new tea gift set: the World of Tea Collection.  Celebrate people, planet and pure tea with an array of flavors that will take you on a journey of tea types and the history of their origin within different cultures.
“At Numi, we have always searched high and low across the globe for the absolute best ingredients available,” says Ahmed Rahim, CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Alchemist at Numi Organic Tea.  “The World of Tea Collection, however, represents the first time that we’ve assembled a compilation of our teas in a way that seeks to share both global tea flavors and their stories.”
Packaged in a stylish, sustainable handcrafted bamboo box, the World of Tea Collection makes an unforgettable gift for any tea lover, foodie, or culinary explorer.  Each box contains five bags of each of the following nine organic tea blends (45 tea bags total!), representing iconic tastes from around the world:
Aged Earl Grey – Italy
Real Italian bergamot orange is laid atop black tea to naturally absorb the orange scent, resulting in a one-of- a-kind rich Earl Grey tea with subtle citrus notes.
Breakfast Blend – England
Traditional blend of four robust and distinct black teas makes for a hearty yet balanced morning cup of tea – perfect for all those Brits!
Golden Chai – India
Black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and other spices make for a rich exotic blend – an enchanting taste of India.
Mate Lemon Green – Brazil
The Guarani tribe of South America enjoys yerba mate as a daily tonic. Blended with lemon myrtle and green tea, this blend has a bright lemon taste with earthy undertones.
Jasmine Green – China
Originating in the Song Dynasty, this fragrant green tea was reserved for the Imperial Court. Jasmine flowers are laid atop green tea leaves and their scent is naturally embraced. This smooth green tea has layers of subtle fragrance and hints of moonlight.
Gunpowder Green – Taiwan
This green tea is made by rolling tea leaves into tiny pellets. Early British traders thought they resembled gunpowder, and gave this tea its distinct name. Appearing in Taiwan in the 19th century, it was embraced for its hint of smoky flavor and full-bodied smooth taste.
Rooibos – South Africa
Cultivated and consumed in South Africa for centuries for its healing properties, this herbal teasan, also known as red tea, features rich earthy vanilla notes.
Moroccan Mint – Morocco
Known as “nana mint” in North Africa, this single-origin herbal beverage is light and lively with a sweet spearmint flavor.
Chamomile Lemon – Egypt
Chamomile blossoms grow along the Nile River in Egypt. This unique blend highlights a touch of citrus with sweet calming notes.

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Numi Organic Tea

World of Tea Collection

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Available beginning October 2013

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Founded in 1999 by brother and sister team Ahmed Rahim (the alchemist) and Reem Rahim (the artist), Numi Organic Tea is a purveyor of premium quality organic, non-GMO and fair trade certified teas and teasans. Numi blends its organic leave teas in a solar-powered facility with only real herbs, fruits, flowers and spices—not unnecessary “natural” flavorings or perfumes. All Numi products are packaged in recycled-content containers and non-GMO verified biodegradable bags and are available in retail outlets in more than 30 countries worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and online at An award-winning social enterprise and founding B-Corporation member, Numi supports community development projects worldwide. To learn more, visit and follow Numi at and

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