4C Annual Report 2012 OUT!

Annual Report_cover 4The year 2012 did not come and go without leaving a mark on 4C Association’s timeline. We now share with you the 4C Annual Report 2012, “Expanding the Community”.
2012 saw the 4C Association strengthen its role as the sustainable coffee platform from which all coffee actors can address critical issues such as climate change, lack of interest from the next generation of coffee growers, aging coffee trees, and inadequate finance or land.
“Expanding the Community” is also about internal growth and major decisions taken to keep the Association on the right track. As a result, a new governance structure was adopted to respond to the needs of 4C members while ensuring more effective and transparent decision making processes.
All in all, 2012 was testimony to what the organization is achieving through the collaborative efforts of all its members and partners. Some key figures: The amount of 4C Compliant Coffee received by 4C industry members in the coffee year 2011/12 reached 2.5 million bags, triple than the previous year; By the end of 2012, more than 800,000 farmers and workers in 21 producing countries were participating in the 4C system; and membership had more than doubled to 250 by the end of 2012, including members from new geographical areas such as Australia, China and Japan.
As you read this report, we hope you will have as much pleasure as we have had retracing our steps in 2012!
Kind regards,
Melanie Rutten-Sülz
Executive Director
4C Association

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