Tweets, Vines and Roasters? Oh My!

Earlier this year, CoffeeTalk teamed up with LBP Manufacturing, the designer of UpShot™ Solution, a new, more eco-friendly single-serve solution, to ask roasters about their personal and business social media routines. More than 300 roasters and industry professionals from around the world responded, providing insights into the ever-changing social media landscape. Funny enough, even the timeliness of the survey questions wasn’t quick enough; Vine, a video-sharing app, launched in the iOS App Store during question development. Just four months later, it is now one of the most downloaded free apps available and is continuing to grow.
Based on the responses we received from the survey, roasters see the excitement that comes with new social media channels, and they are slowly launching channels to connect with customers and fans. They have a strong desire to use channels, like Vine and others yet to be developed, to build their brands and in turn, create bigger ‘followings’ for their beans and their businesses.
From the responses, here are top findings:
•    When respondents utilize social media, they are concentrated on a handful of channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
•    Key business decision makers are interested and engaged in what social media can do for their businesses.
•    Few respondents dwell for long periods of time on social media.
•    Emerging platforms include YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.
Be sure to check out the August issue of CoffeeTalk for full analysis of survey result data!

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