Commercial Coffee Brewing Systems

The commercial coffee industry is hotter than ever. Coffee machines that were once only seen in restaurants have migrated over into the everyday office and home setting. The reason is, commercial coffee makers are much more reliable over longer periods of time and brew a much better cup of coffee. Commercial units brew coffee at an optimum brewing temperature (10-20 degrees hotter than the made-for-home models) extracting the coffee grinds to maximize taste. When it comes to buying commercial coffee makers, you begin to understand that it is a big industry and the process can be overwhelming.
The first step is to research the various models and find the type of commercial coffee brewer that will best serve your needs. Technological advancements have improved brewing precision. Coffee can be created using exact specifications by just turning the dial or pushing a button. These commercial coffee brewers can also be set to perform tasks automatically.
Several commercial coffee brewers, most of whom are pioneers in the industry are all launching new products that cater to specific needs, including: FETCO, Bloomfield, Wilbur Curtis, Brazen, and Brew-Tek.
Curtis-Gold-CupCurtis and the Gold Cup
The Curtis Gold Cup (CGC) stands alone among open source single brewers.  “The CGC Brewer uses advanced technology to ensure the perfect gold cup standard of coffee and is very reliable,” said Brant Curtis, Marketing Director at Wilbur Curtis.  With a touch of a button, the brewer is pre-programed with exacting recipe settings.  “A group of twenty can walk up to a barista and this machine is able to brew a volume batch of gold standard coffee.”  This G4 controller is much more than a flashy screen.  Using the most advanced manufacturing and programing processes, it is able to exactly control water temperatures, water flow rates and water pulse sequencing to the millisecond.  In addition, the user also has the ability to completely customize their own recipes.  This machine will brew 12-20 ounces in a few minutes.  With smaller, precisely controlled brew volumes, higher quality coffees and varietals may be offered at a more profitable price point.  An economical feature is the ability to brew one cup at a time during non-peak hours, “which eliminates the waste factor” said Curtis.
Curtis has taken coffee brewing technology to new heights with the Generation Four Gemini with Intellifresh, a digitally controlled and automated system that uses gentle warmth to ensure the coffee stays its freshest, even when it is moved to a remote warming station.  “This twin headed unit is designed to keep coffee at an optimum serving temperature without degrading it,” said Curtis.  It is like an ‘electric blanket’.  The G4 digital control is fast and features intuitive controls that make it easy to achieve the best coffee possible by allowing complete control over temperature, time, volume, pre-infusion, pulse-brewing and water bypass. Pre-set, one-touch global recipes account for coffee type, grind and weight to help simplify the brewing process while delivering gourmet results. This coffee maker from Curtis takes the guesswork out of coffee: “Press brew and it will remember to brew that golden cup of coffee in a large batch, every time,” said Curtis.
FetcoFETCO adds Intuitive Touch Screen
FETCO, one of the foremost commercial coffee brewing equipment manufactures in the world is re-launching their CBS-2130-XTS Series Airport Coffee Brewer in August, now with an intuitive touch screen. “We listened to our customers and went back to the drawing board to re-design this brewing system. We are pleased with the outcome,” said Vince Kendzierski, Director of Marketing with FETCO. “Our consumer is typically the convenience stores, cafeterias, and specialty coffee shops. We are a perfect hot beverage solution for high volume self-service environments.” The unit is small and compact making it an ideal choice for break rooms, cafeteria countertops and lobby service areas. This brewer is engineered for smaller batch dispensing and is available in 1 gallon and 3 liter configurations.
8790-Thermal-Dispeser.inddBloomfield is Back
Bloomfield, a long-time innovator in the industry, is introducing its Dual Automatic Thermal Coffee Brewer. “This brewer will allow the consumer to brew coffee that is reliable and serve the needs for high volume”, said Greg Loffler, VP Sales and Marketing at Bloomfield. “This electro-mechanical brewer may be considered traditional, but its superior engineering and proven technology is timeless. This brewer will deliver an exceptional cup of coffee every time.” The two brewing volumes of 1 gallon and 1 1/2 gallons will accommodate fluctuations in demand. Their exclusive design allows for easy access and makes for quick, efficient service. The “ready to brew” light indicates the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guesswork in brewing. The premium quality thermostat has a full-length stainless steel sensing bulb that recognizes water temperature accurately and cycles less frequently. The independent front-mounted hot water faucet allows drawing of hot water without affecting coffee taste or brewing cycle. The superior spray head design spreads water over the coffee grounds creating agitation and a floating action that completely saturates the coffee to capture the full, rich essence of every bean.
Adobe Photoshop PDFBrew-Tek
Brew-Tek has come out with yet another dependable, economical and reliable commercial coffee brewer. The “ADJD-3” will be on the market in June and features 3 buttons on the front allowing the consumer to have a brewer that is easy to operate. “The beauty of this brewing system, is that you can use the same packet of coffee to brew 3 different types of coffee: mild, medium or bold,” according to Steve Hyde, national Sales Manager with Brew-Tek. “What it boils down to is choice and bulk brewing. That is what we believe makes more money for the client and choice for the consumer.”
Brazen5Brazen – an Automatic Pour-Over Solution
What started out as a way to brew a better cup of coffee has turned into a passion for Joe Behm, owner and inventor of the “Brazen” coffee brewer. “I took a look at what was available on the market and knew we could do better,” said Behm. The Brazen took four years to complete, but has received rave reviews, including the “2012 People’s Choice Award from the SCAA and is’s #1 coffee brewer. The Brazen is sold through Boyd’s coffee, one of the oldest family owed coffee roasters in the USA. “We were quite pleased with what we have achieved,” said Behm. “We have brought something new and innovative to the market and we believe we have succeeded.” The Brazen incorporates patent-pending temperature calibration technology, coupled with proven techniques such as pre-soak features, precise and accurate water delivery temperatures to combine for the ultimate custom brewed coffee. The Brazen puts you, the user, in control of the brewing and temperature process. “Most coffee makers don’t allow the customer to change the brewing temperature of their coffee,” said Behm. Before introduction of the Brazen, there were no consumer versions available with a pre-soak function and almost all had poor extraction due to poor design of water dispersion.
One of the key aspects of well-brewed coffee is making sure the grounds are evenly saturated. Unlike most home brewers, which drip from the middle, Brazen saturates the grounds in a shower of hot water, at the right speed and the right temperature. Why is temperature control so important? Having control over the brew temperature enables you to decide at what temperature you would like your coffee brewed. Different brewing temperatures extract different flavors from the grounds and can greatly affect the character of the cup. “We are the only brewer on the market that can store your memory and data.” For example, since no single brewing temperature is “right” or “perfect,” hotter may not always be better. In simple terms, being able to choose the brewing temperature gives you control over the flavor of the coffee because the temperature affects how much is drawn from the grounds. Draw too much and it is bitter, draw too little and it is weak. By adjusting the grind, the quality, and the temperature you have greater control.
Other features include a manual water release for teas, a pre-soak and adjustable rest time, and altitude correction. “It is going to be the gauge that others are judged by because the user has complete control of the temperature,” says Behm.
“We are proud of what we have achieved. The Brazen was designed to meet or exceed the SCAA Gold Cup Standard. Be on the lookout for new products on the market. We will have 3 new products on the market in the next 1-2 years. We want to be the leader in doing things differently but with precision and accuracy.”
“Everybody’s taste in coffee is different. This brewer was designed to be a leader and cost effective, allowing everyone to drink a great cup of coffee at an affordable and economical price. For me, all that matters at the end of the day is that I have given people the opportunity to have their own journey in coffee. I love what I do, for me it’s a passion!” What else sets the Brazen apart is their quality and customer service.
Whichever coffee brewer you choose, keep in mind, it is important that you make the right choice for your business needs. Any one of these brewers will be a worthy investment that will deliver a steaming cup of java every time!

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