Brewing Systems

The urge for great quality coffee within the office and foodservice sectors is becoming more and more prominent and essential. The requirements for brewing equipment found in a coffee house or coffee bar may be vastly different than those of office or foodservice locations.

There are two types of brewing systems that can be utilized in these areas depending on factors such as supply and demand, space, and convenience. There are pour over systems and automatic or plumbed in system.

A pour over system is a manual system where the user pours the desired amount of water into the brewer and the cold water displaces the same amount of hot water into the tank. The water is than delivered to the basket through the spray head over the bed of coffee. The automatic or plumbed in system is an automatic brewing system, which allows the user to press a button to start the brewing process.

Brewing Technology
Jason College, Vice President of Sales at Newco Enterprises, Inc. shares his expertise of brewing technology that best suits offices and food service providers. There are displacement systems, dump valve systems, multivolume brewers, serving vessels, including decanters, carafes, airpots, and satellites.

College explains, “A displacement system maintains a reservoir of thermostatically controlled hot water. In either a pour over or an automatic brewing system, the cold water that is introduced displaces that same amount of hot water in the reservoir. The hot water is delivered to the brew basket through the spray head tube over the bed of coffee.”

A dump valve system also maintains a reservoir of thermostatically controlled hot water. There is a solenoid valve, a dump valve—not pressurized, between the outlet of the hot water tank and the spray head. This dump valve opens and instantly allows hot water to be delivered to the spray head and to the coffee when a brew cycle is initiated.

“In this type of system, the adjustable timer or control board is timing the dump valve rather than the inlet valve. An advantage of the dump valve system is that it provides the flexibility to control the amount of time the water is in contact with the bed of coffee which impacts extraction,” says College.

A multivolume brewing system allows different volumes of coffee to be brewed to accommodate busy or slower periods of service. Typically, a brew system like his will brew up to three different volumes, for example, half gallon, one gallon, and one and a half gallons. It is also important to note that a 240 volt electrical configuration is desirable to support the higher demand peaks of brewing, like lunchtime for a larger banquet.

Newco offers a variety of these brewers in different sizes to accommodate the office space and foodservice supply and demand. Newco has an extensive line of brewers to brew great tasting coffee for your employees and customers. Brewing since 1974, this company has exceptional expertise in these brewing areas.

Wilbur Curtis Company
3446m-Beauty-Faces-w-CupThe Curtis Gemini® Brewing System with IntelliFresh™ simplifies brewing and makes it easy to serve volumes of fresh coffee at the perfect temperature. IntelliFresh maintains coffee’s ideal freshness and temperature throughout the dispensing cycle by enveloping the satellite servers with pulses of gentle heat. These pulses keep the coffee at a consistent temperature while maintaining the chemical structure of the coffee. Integrated into our industry-recognized Gemini brewing system, IntelliFresh helps operators nearly eliminate the possibility of serving cold or ‘cooked’ coffee ever again.

Another system that really benefits today’s busy foodservice operations is the Curtis Thermal FreshTrac™. Monitoring the holding time and amount of coffee in a dispenser is crucial to freshness and quality. Activated from the moment coffee is brewed the TFT provides a simple, visual system that communicates time, and volume at a glance that is easy to see, even from across the room. The TFT is designed to fit existing models of their Thermal Servers and is offered in three sizes – 64 ounces, one gallon, and one-and-a-half gallon to accommodate any operation.

“Additionally, we offer several brewers for office coffee that provide a quality brewing experience in a more compact, office friendly footprint. These brewers typically utilize a highly efficient vacuum insulated dispenser or glass decanter. All are designed for the rigors of daily office use,” says Kevin Curtis, Executive Vice President at Wilbur Curtis Company.

cafectionCafection provides coffee business solutions that bring single cup, bean to cup gourmet coffee to the office setting. Having this type of machine within the office ensures that employees stay at work and do not leave the premises to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee.

“Surveys show that people that do not have a proper coffee choice will leave the building three times a day for 15 minutes each. So a gourmet coffee solution makes perfect business sense,” says Frank Baron, President at Cafection Enterprises Inc.

“Cafection’s brewers are the only ones in the world to be Internet-connected and remotely manageable,” continued Baron. By having connectivity from machine to machine, this allows you to connect in more ways than just one. You can have the machine send an email and more. They offer a 24 ounces brewer than can brew a large coffee in under 40 seconds for convenience and grocery store purposes.

“It is the future of coffee!” says Baron. “With over 20 years of manufacturing experience. Cafection is the largest single cup manufacturer in North America. All machines are built in Quebec City. We also have a very extensive OEM project for custom orders for special clients.”

bloomfieldBloomfield offers a variety of automatic brewers that perfectly suit office settings and/or foodservice businesses. They have brewers that brew great coffee and have two or three warmers to keep the coffee hot.

According to their website, the BLOOMFIELD 8572 Koffee King Coffee Brewer is low profile, uses a standard water line hookup with a pour over option, has a unique water valve with built-in flow control and strainer, which assures consistent operation at supply water pressures from 20-90PSI, and the Premium Quality Thermostat has a stainless steel sensing bulb that recognizes water temperature very accurately, and cycles less frequently. The BLOOMFIELD 8572 Koffee King Coffee Brewer is just one of many brewers that Bloomfield offers offices and commercial foodservice providers.

Bloomfield also offers a variety of thermal airpot brewers that are smaller in size for the offices that have limited space and/or less demand. The Bloomfield 8773AF Integrity Airpot Brewer is just naming one. It is only nine inches wide and stands about 25 inches tall, which makes it easy to store away when not being used. It has an independent front-mounted hot water faucet allows drawing of hot water without affecting coffee taste or brewing cycle. It also features high-quality stainless steel that is easy to clean, premium quality thermostat, superior spray head design, and a ready-to-brew light that indicates the proper water temperature to eliminate the guesswork in brewing.

Rewarding your employees with great tasting coffee is becoming easier as brewing technology advances. There are different footprints of brewers and different brewing capacities to accommodate different business sizes. Foodservice providers also have more options to choose from than ever before. For both large and small providers, a brewer is out there to suit their needs. Figure out which brewer is best for you and your company and start spreading the love and happiness of coffee!

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