To satisfy customers who increasingly expect a variety of drink offerings throughout the day1, DaVinci Gourmet® has launched a new line of energizing fruit flavored beverage concentrates called Invigorators™.

With the flavored water trend nearly doubling in 20132, now is the perfect time for operators to add refreshing fruit flavors to the menu. Made with green coffee extract, new DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators provide a natural boost for patrons at only 70 calories per 16-ounce serving. Green coffee extract also contains beneficial antioxidants with no coffee taste—making it a great afternoon alternative for patrons looking for something unique.

“Beverage customers are on the hunt for more options to get them through a long day. They grab a coffee in the morning but hit that afternoon slump and are looking for a healthy boost,” said Marc Simon, senior brand manager for Kerry Beverage Brands. “With soda on the decline, flavored waters with wholesome qualities are really taking off, and our new DaVinci Gourmet Invigorator green coffee extract concentrates make it easy for operators to join this trend.”

Since fruit-flavored, better-for-you beverages are replacing the popularity of colas3, DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators appeal to a broader audience than traditional specialty coffee drinkers, which helps drive traffic and increase sales for operators. Delightfully refreshing, these shelf-stable concentrates are available in three enticing fruit flavors: sweet, crisp Kiwi Lime, tropical Orange Melon and sweet-tart Raspberry Pomegranate.

All varieties are available in packs of four 64-ounce plastic jugs with convenient pump-or-pour preparation in a 5-to-1 format.  Simply add still or sparkling water to craft this invigorating beverage, or mix in fresh or frozen fruit to create signature drinks.

To try new DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators and expand your beverage menu, call 1-800-640-6779 or visit


As a company with worldwide reach, KERRY calls on a large number of research and development experts to create distinctive flavors and products that appeal to today’s foodservice market. KERRY’s beverage brands include Jet™, DaVinci Gourmet®, Big Train®, Caffé D’Amore® and Oregon Chai®.


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