Reusable, Recyclable (and Affordable) Cups Enter Coffee Market

Seattle, Washington – SUSTAIN® (, a new brand from Pacific Market International (PMI), announces the release of their innovative reusable and recyclable coffee cups, available at a suggested retail price of only $2 in coffee shops all over the country. The new cups represent the lowest price-point on the market for a high-quality reusable cup branded with the coffee shop’s logo. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing for continual refreshment during seasonal promotions and other events.

SUSTAIN® cups were designed and brought to market to introduce a cost-effective way for consumers to reduce their environmental impact on a daily basis. 70% of US coffee consumption is part of a daily routine, and every year 16 billion paper cups wind up in US landfills. SUSTAIN®’s goal is to enable behavior change – away from single-use disposables, to reusables.

Through Life Cycle Analysis, SUSTAIN® cups were shown to have 50% less overall environmental impact than paper cups after 10 uses. Further, the carbon footprint breakeven point for 4 paper cups is at only 4 uses of a SUSTAIN® cup.

When it comes to function for the price, SUSTAIN® out-performs any alternative on the market. The durable #5 PP plastic is stain-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe, BPA-free, and widely recyclable. This FDA-compliant food-safe plastic allows for innovations in form, texture, color, and printing, all at a never-before-seen price point that legitimately encourages consumers to change their behavior. Some SUSTAIN® customers are doubling down by also offering discounted drinks every time the consumer returns to reuse their cup.

Standing behind their environmental mission, SUSTAIN® also offers their customers branded, in-store recycling bins with return-mailing service included. Coupled with branded cups and customizable point-of-sale displays, the company supports coffee shops large and small to integrate the system into their daily business.

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