The CoffeeCon 2014 Meet-Up Experience in San Francisco

A radically simple idea of consumers on the leading edge of coffee culture

July 26, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – There appears to be an unprecedented boom of economic growth in the Bay Area coupled with the consumption of high quality coffee that the rest of the Country aspires to. From independent cafes throughout Silicon Valley to home-brewing consumers, it seems that nearly everyone is using technology to create and enjoy specialty coffee. While the coffee has never been better and the modern light-filled cafés more comfortable, we as coffee consumers are running as fast as we can, updating our status and working digitally on projects even on our coffee breaks.

The flipside of this work and flavor explosion is the challenge presented by the need to connect with each other while learning new skills that involve direct hands-on experience. Typically we text or meet online to discuss our favorite topics, or learn new skills on scattered websites with no easy way to learn hands-on in real time. Onsite coffee classes are now being offered at specialty roasters and these live events are an excellent way to learn, but they don’t offer everything you might want to experience.

Enter Coffee-Con, which is an interactive consumer festival launched three years ago to address this exact challenge. Coffee-Con SF 2014 is the latest version of this giant taste experience, designed for consumers to try everything coffee in real-time. Industry experts such as Boston Specialty Coffee pioneer and tasting guru George Howell, will offer a two-hour tasting lab, where consumers can gain the necessary coffee vocabulary to describe what they taste. Sustainability expert, La Minita Coffee Farm’s Scott Merle, will enlighten coffee lovers on ways to support the farmers and the environment to ensure fine coffee will available for future generations. Equipment brewing manufactures with hands-on classes will teach the tips and tricks to make the most of the beans. Things like water purification and filtering, grinding and grinders, measurement and everything else you need to know about coffee will be available.

Coffee author Kevin Sinnott is the host of Coffee-Con. He’s written about, produced videos about, evaluated and tasted coffee for thirty years, making him the perfect host to bring together his coffee friends old and new for this day to celebrate coffee in San Francisco. Coffee-Con SF 2014 will be held on July 26th at Terra Galleries at 511 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 from 9 am to 4 pm, mixing art, music and coffee sampling from many of the Bay areas finest roasters. Six different classrooms, 20 different classes and labs will run all day long, covering every conceivable coffee topic. Lectures in the auditorium area are another option to learn about coffee. Additionally, drawings for high-end equipment and the best in roasted coffee beans will be part of excitement for the consumers. With early ticket purchase only $20 for general admission there’s a lot to love at and something for everyone.


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