Dalla Corte presents the first machines to comply with FDA’s regulations

Safety first: in fulfillment of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s criteria, Dalla Corte has adopted a new, safer alloy in the manufacture of espresso machine parts that come into contact with water, while preserving its machines’ reliability and thermal stability.

Nowadays, attention to consumers’ safety is getting more and more careful and imposes a periodical revision of quality standards in foodstuff and food-processing machines, which are becoming more and more stringent and selective.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has defined new criteria in establishing if some materials are suitable for coming into contact with food: the compliance with these regulations is mandatory in the USA, while no restriction has been made in Europe yet. According to these regulations, materials that come into contact with food, beverages or other ingredients must not release harmful substances, nor compromise the quality of the foodstuff.

Dalla Corte has decided to meet the FDA’s regulations and to anticipate the enforcement of similar rules in Europe by using a new alloy that does not release heavy materials such as lead, nickel and chromium for manufacturing all machine parts that are in contact with water. Nevertheless, the usual machines’ reliability and thermal stability has been preserved.

The new materials are CW 501 L  and CW 509 L – two brass alloys with a low lead content that conform to the recent U.S. regulations on the channelling/treatment of water for human consumption.

It was a very challenging process, because the factory that manufactures basic machine parts was not ready for such change. That’s why several researches and tests were made to achieve the desired final result, i.e. to conform to FDA’s norms and meet the high standards that have always distinguished Dalla Corte machines. Pioneer undertakings are complex and laborious indeed.

The modified machines will be presented at World of Coffee: a result that shows Dalla Corte’s care for final consumers and confirms its pioneering role in technology research and application aimed at providing the best product in cup and in the compliance with health-oriented regulations.

A new goal we are really proud of.

The parts that have been manufactured with the new materials are:

– group bell and body

– group fitting pipes

– boiler fitting pipes

– steam tap / steam wand and MCS connections

– water supply collector connections

– flexible water pipe

– flowmeter

– solenoid valve

– tea group connections

– exchanger connections

– boiler and pump gauger fitting pipes.

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