INTL FCStone’s Subsidiary Expands Coffee Risk Management Team

NEW YORK, June 6, 2014 – INTL FCStone Inc. (NASDAQ:INTL) today announced the addition of Chad Trewick to its subsidiary FCStone, LLC’s coffee risk management team.  Trewick will provide specialty coffee roasters education and access to market tools that can be used to insure against the volatility of the coffee market. This bridge between sustainable value chain priorities and business-world financial tools is an innovative ap-proach to mitigate risk on both ends and ensure the future of the supply chain.

Trewick has long been a champion of responsible sourcing. He’s spent 20+ years in the coffee industry building bridges between wide ranging stakeholders, from coffee farm to cupping room to boardroom. His focus (and personal mission) is to maintain access to quality while strengthening the supply chain, thereby ensuring mutually beneficial rela-tionships. Under his leadership, Caribou Coffee achieved 100% Rainforest Alliance certi-fication in 2011 by working together with producers to evolve their operations (instead of abandoning long-term relationships).

Trewick has participated in the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) as a volunteer for more than 15 years. He supports industry efforts to elevate knowledge about and understanding of our product and its value chain. Today, he is serving his 2nd term on the SCAA’s board of directors and is the liaison to its Sustainability Council that works toward embedding more responsible behaviors throughout the coffee industry.

Oscar Schaps, President, Latin America, said, “Chad’s addition to the team provides our customers with access to a wealth of experience in the coffee industry and enables INTL FCStone to reach the coffee roaster industry with the financial tools that can provide sta-bility in a very volatile marketplace.”

“Understanding and being able to educate the coffee industry about these financial tools in ways that clearly illustrate the opportunities to bolster our resilience to the coffee mar-ket’s volatility has incredible potential to benefit our entire value chain—from farmers to roasters,” says Trewick.  “As an industry, we understand more and more the growing de-pendence on the supply end of our value chain and that has highlighted the coffee indus-try’s vulnerability to not only the market, but also to disasters like the roya outbreak, food insecurity, and competing livelihood opportunities. It is in the best interest of our industry to go down a path that educates the broadest cross-section of our value chain about the market tools available to them.”

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