Astoria, SCAE and Coffee Kids throw a beach party at SCAE’s World of Coffee

LONDON – Astoria, SCAE and Coffee Kids are behind this year’s World of Coffee beach party in Rimini, Italy. The party will be held at Grand Hotel Rimini’s private beach on Tuesday 10 June, from 7 pm until late. Coffee Kids is grateful to Astoria/CMA Macchine Per Caffe for sponsoring this event.

There will also be a latte art and barista throwdown with some of the world’s best latte art and barista champions from 7 to 8:30. Sustainable Harvest will auction off a general admission ticket, worth $2,250, for a roaster, retailer or nonprofit organization to attend Let’s Talk Coffee in Panama, 9 – 12 October.

“For the fourth year in a row, we are celebrating our collaboration with CMA by throwing a party to raise even more funds for projects that build resiliency in coffee-farming communities,” said Elisa Kelly, development director of Coffee Kids. “The event illustrates that CMA is committed to promoting a more sustainable coffee future. We are proud and grateful to continue working with them this year.”

Tickets are €15 each and include access to the party and two free drinks. €38 will also buy a buffet dinner. Tickets are available at the SCAE shop after June 9. Ticket sales will go toward building resilient coffee-growing communities.

About Coffee Kids

At Coffee Kids we create partnerships with coffee-growing communities and with those engaged in the specialty coffee industry to achieve our vision of: a world in which coffee farmers thrive; a world in which coffee-farming communities are self-sustaining; and a global coffee community in which everyone has an equal seat at the table. We work to make this vision a reality through the promotion of self-determination among coffee farmers. Our partnerships address the roots of poverty by helping coffee-farming families and communities determine their own vision of the future. Together we are laying the foundation for a sustainable future for these families and for the entire coffee industry.

Coffee Kids currently supports projects managed by 10 partner organizations in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. These projects, which are developed and implemented by our partner organizations with financial and technical support from Coffee Kids, focus on economic diversification, food security, skill building, health care and education.

About CMA Macchine Per Caffe

Astoria is a historical brand name belonging to the best Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. Plus 4 You is the Astoria machine that, besides ensuring quality and consistent performances for exceptional coffee, allows users to achieve energy savings up to 47% when compared to traditional coffee machines.


CMA Astoria’s collaboration with Coffee Kids began when Astoria Plus 4 You was initially launched on the market. The concept behind Plus 4 You is total sustainability, not only in terms of energy saving but also as financial support for the social growth and economy of coffee-producing countries. Hence, a percentage of the profits from the sales of Plus 4 You goes to this nonprofit organization.


About the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

SCAE is an association with a growing number of members-people like you, who are looking for coffee excellence. You don’t have to be European to appreciate the many benefits of belonging to SCAE: they’ve members in more than 70 countries around the world who network, keep informed and share views on the latest developments in specialty coffee. SCAE has national chapters in a growing number of these countries, so they are on the ground locally to meet the needs of members, working within their own national coffee traditions.


About Let’s Talk Coffee

Over a decade ago, Let’s Talk Coffee® was created to connect members of the specialty coffee supply chain, providing farmer training and a forum to address the needs of the industry. Hundreds of farmers, cooperative leaders, roasters, baristas and other industry members travel from around the world to attend the annual Let’s Talk Coffee® event each October.

Let’s Talk Coffee Global 2014 will be held in picturesque Panama 9 – 12 October 2014. The theme is “Building World Class Supply Chains.”  Panama is an ideal location to discuss varietal price, climate change challenges, retail innovations, and other vital industry topics as well as to visit the farms of some of the world’s most exquisite coffees.

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