Nuova Simonelli pays homage to the WBC with a new short film

To be screened in Rimini during the 2014 World Barista Championship where Nuova Simonelli is the technical partner and supplier of the official coffee machine.

Belforte del Chienti (Italy), June 9 2014. The 15th World Barista Championship started today and for the second time – after ten years – its taking place in Italy. Nuova Simonelli is the technical partner of the WBC and has decided to celebrate this event by honouring all the champion competitors and all visitors to the “World Barista Championship” with a very special short film. This new video has a script that goes beyond the usual standards of a commercial video. It was made into a cinematic offering with the help of Officine Mattoli and it involved professional actors. After the first screening in Rimini the short film will be visible on YouTube, but mostly it will take part in various film competitions, bringing the world of coffee into direct contact with big movie stars. Nuova Simonelli wants to dedicate this contribution to all baristas and players in the world of coffee. As it was six years ago at the World Championship for baristas, the name Nuova Simonelli also signifies the official coffee machine. Working with the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Competition each competitor must prepare 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 original drinks designed by themselves, within the standards and inside 15 minutes. The judges will evaluate each performance on the taste of the beverages, cleanliness, creativity, technical ability and, in general, the presentation of the competitors. Following the initial selection, the twelve best baristas will go through to the semifinals and from these the six finalists are chosen. The final next Thursday (June 12) will crown the new World Barista Champion. Equipped with innovative T3 technology, the Aurelia II allows the water supply temperature of each group to be controlled in real time and the totality of its technical potential means all competitors can be performance “champions”. After Atlanta (2009), London (2010), Bogota (2011), Vienna (2012) and Melbourne (2013), the Nuova Simonelli team is also at Rimini. To all the national champions looking to win the world title Nuova Simonelli offers maximum support and for all those at the World of Coffee, Nuova Simonelli offers a video, which is a tribute to the culture of espresso. See the video

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