A trip around the world of coffee aromas

World of Coffee 2014

Fiera Rimini, 10 – 12 June 2014

Sandalj Trading Company, a leading international player in green coffee imports for the Espresso coffee market, is taking part in one of the coffee sector’s most important annual events. From 10 to 12 June, Rimini will be hosting the outstanding World of Coffee fair, an itinerant event organised by SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).

To mark the occasion, the Trieste-based coffee company will be presenting three coffees from the Sandalj Arabica range at stand 128, Hall A7. They are Ethiopia Yirgacheffe gr. 2 washed, Jamaica Blue Mountain with a genetic traceability certificate, and Costa Rica SHB Tarrazú Hermosa, along with two new entries for the Sandalj Traceability Project, Costa Rica SCACR Higuerones and Guatemala SHB La Merced.

Unmistakeable Yirgacheffe returns from the heart of Ethiopia

Pics Ethiopia ©  Coffee, A Celebration of Diversity, Sandalj & EccardiEthiopia is the cradle of the coffea arabica species and produces outstanding quality coffee, including Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. In recent years, samples of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, named after the municipality which is home to the plantations, were received by the Sandalj Trading Company laboratory, but the evaluations were never wholly convincing: the beans did not reflect the coffee’s unmistakeable characteristics. Now the long wait has been rewarded, and the currently available batch of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe gr. 2 washed being offered by the company represents its magnificence in full. It is one of the world’s most characteristic coffees, and its unique aroma ensures it is one that is hard to forget. The plants grow in the southernmost regions of Ethiopia, in shady cultivations at high altitudes between 1,800 and 2,000m a.s.l. After the coffee cherries have been harvested between September and December, they are processed using the wet method, which is decisive for the quality of the finished product. Indeed, unlike more full-bodied and sweet natural coffees, washed coffees generally lose a greater number of soluble solids and minerals during the washing process. This results in more pronounced acidity and aroma in the cup. Sandalj is a time-honoured coffee company which deals in green coffee and exports it worldwide. The tasting of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by its experts revealed an Espresso with pronounced acidity yet fine aromas of ripe fruit and citruses, such as orange and bergamot. Its persistent aftertaste makes way for a slight sweetness, with hints of cardamom and rose.

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