The Recognized Weight-loss Benefits of Green Coffee Extract Available in First Sweetener-free Beverage

Denver, CO – In early 2012 a well-known nationally televised doctor popularized Green Coffee Extract (GCE) for its nutritional benefits, and it has been flying off the shelves ever since. Traditionally, it has only been available in pill form because of its extremely bitter taste; but a larger problem exists, which has recently sparked a congressional investigation to examine the questionable ingredients found in these supplements. As a response to the substandard ingredients found in supplements there is a new natural alternative, the worlds first pleasant tasting, sweetener-free beverage made from 100% green coffee beans, with no fillers or additives. We call it Green CoffeeTea.

This new GCE beverage is produced from coffee beans treated with an all-natural, non-GMO process developed by MycoTechnology, Inc. This proprietary process, MycoSmooth™, utilizes mushrooms to ferment raw coffee beans. The mushrooms selectively consume the bitter components of the beans while leaving the dietary benefits of green coffee intact without imparting the mushroom flavor. The resulting beans produce a beverage, which tastes similar to tea.

According to Alan Hahn, CEO of MycoTechnology, Inc., “Never before has anyone been able to deliver a 100% green coffee in a product as smooth and great-tasting as ours. Two cups of Green CoffeeTea provide more than the daily effective dose of GCE, in a form that is easy on the digestive system and does not need any fillers, additives or sweeteners.”

Most notably, green coffee is known for its fat-burning properties. These effects are attributed to the chlorogenic acid found in the unroasted coffee beans. They inhibit the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase, which helps regulate blood glucose levels and is essential in the creation of fatty energy stores. They are not bio-available in roasted coffee as they are chemically changed during the process.

Results from independent testing shows that MycoTechnology’s processed coffee beans have more than ten times the amount of chlorogenic acid than beans that were not treated with the MycoSmooth™ process. The processing also removes the compounds blamed for intestinal distress that often results from GCE.

The MycoSmooth™ process utilizes the Reishi mushrooms to create Green CoffeeTea. Reishi has been utilized for centuries in eastern medicine for their health benefits. Independent testing shows that the MycoSmooth™ process successfully deposits beta-Glucans from the mushrooms into the beans. These beta-Glucans modulate and boost the immune system using natural biopathways. For these reasons, they are used as controlled pharmaceuticals in some Asian countries as chemotherapy adjuvants.  They have also been found to lower blood cholesterol levels.

For companies looking to incorporate Green CoffeeTea into their product line or wish to use Green CoffeeTea as an ingredient, please contact Alan Hahn at Green CoffeeTea is available from several distributors who can be found at

The all-natural MycoSmooth™ process was developed to improve the taste of foods and has been particularly successful with coffee and chocolate. Research is continuing with the goal of bringing more products to market in the near future.

MycoTechnology is a Denver based food technology company that creates innovative agricultural products providing wholesale, private label and semi-finished products. More information can be found at

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