Organic Nitrogenated Iced Coffee now available in bottles

Gourmet Coffee Warehouse, GCW, has launched Lucky Jack, a new line of organic, nitrogenated iced coffees, available in 10.5 ounce glass bottles and four varieties.

GCW president, Richard Karno, who helped pioneer the organic coffee industry in Los Angeles with his company Groundwork, says Lucky Jack represents a technological leap for iced coffee products. “I believe Lucky Jack is the first iced coffee in bottles that when poured hard (turning the bottle vertical), activates the nitrogen foam and creates a silky smooth mouth feel and beautiful head of foam,” Karno said.

Lucky Jack is also differs from current iced coffees on the market in that each of the four varieties is infused with organic espresso. “The typical flavor profile for Toddy style iced coffee is a little flat,” Karno said. “We infuse our products with the organic espresso to lend a more complex taste, greater body and a little guts too.”

Lucky Jack is made from a blend of certified organic and fairly traded coffees. The four flavors are Double Black, which contains a double shot of espresso in every bottle; Sweet Thing, flavored with organic cane sugar; Lean Bean, sweetened with organic stevia; and Traditional, which is unsweetened.

Lucky Jack is available in 24 count case quantities and has a shelf life of four months refrigerated. For further information contact GCW at 702-331-3888 or

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